Project Description

Collectively on the Australian Heritage Homes team, we have hundreds of years of experience. This means that no matter what the terrain, the neighborhood, the weather, the architectural challenge- we can handle anything that you throw at us.

That’s why this single-story Rosslare home in the area of Cranbourne was such a treat for the team. We were working on completely flat terrain, which can be a rarity in this area. Cranbourne is a small suburb in Victoria, with a variety of architectural styles. The relative ease of the terrain allowed the family and the team to get creative with building their dream home.

The home and a two-car garage are adjacent to each other, framing a small but functional yard. The family wanted a property to invest in for years to come, a classic but contemporary style that gelled well with the style of the neighborhood.

The AHH team used lighter sandstone for the exterior of the house. We recommend using lighter tones of this sandstone because it reflects light as opposed to holding it within the home. The lighter look and feel of the exterior, as well as an abundance of multi-pane windows also make it feel more inviting.

A verandah wrapping around two sides of the main building is flanked with scalloped white pillars. The pillars are subtle but accent the tones chosen for the roof, moldings and exterior stonework. The exterior design is also complemented by the red paved driveway, which makes the grounds feel even more extensive due to the lighter shade.

The terrain of this property allowed for the paved exterior space, as well as a yard and a landscaped front. We always offer recommendations for the finishes of your property and then allow you as new homeowners to customize and make the final decisions. The wrought iron finishes that this family chose complete the look and feel of the property. They’re simple, stylish and easy to maintain. The landscaping is basic but provides a defined perimeter of the property. A slight bank on the right hand side of the property called for a retaining wall under the shrubbery, giving the landscaping an extra dynamic to it. If you’re looking for fencing to line your property but maximize the aesthetic (or if you have a green thumb and want to garden as much as possible), then retaining walls and shrubs are a great option in lieu of fencing. You don’t have to give up the privacy, but you don’t have to completely block off the rest of the street either.


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Building with Australian Heritage Homes was a stress free experience. We felt that from the very first meeting, they were real and honest people to work with, this made the whole process from start to finish run smoothly. Renay and team, not only just built us a house, they built us our beautiful home.

Lisa & Craig Cudmore