Knock Down Rebuild Builders Melbourne

Let’s face it. Sometimes your home just isn’t quite as you’d like it to be. You purchased it for a reason and a vision. You knew that sooner or later; work was going to have to be completed.

This is where the Australian Heritage Homes team comes in. We don’t just specialize in home builds and renovations, we’re also great at starting over with you. And sometimes, that means starting from scratch. Knock Downs & Rebuilds are some of our specialties.

They are a great opportunity and very satisfying for many. The AHH team can be your partners in knocking down homes that need work (or even just certain areas of homes) and then rebuilding them to be exactly what you like.

Upper Ferntree Gully

The team at Australian Heritage Homes believe that all homes are beautiful and unique in their own way. We feel the same way about the plots of land on which they’re designed. After all, that’s the best canvas for us. Blank, clean, a perfect opportunity to be as creative as we choose.

So, when we hear terms like “run down” or “fixer upper”, where some would balk, we run toward. It’s just a piece of the puzzle that makes us so excited about what we do. We love to be driven and challenged by our work, and we’re thrilled when we’re just as proud as our customers are pleased.

Tired of your old run-down house and looking to rebuild?

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