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The global shift to remote work, ignited by COVID-19, has redefined the way we work. While the allure of working from home is undeniable, many have discovered the pitfalls of an unoptimized workspace.  Forget the backache from your makeshift laptop desk – a thoughtfully designed home office is the key to unlocking peak productivity and fostering well-being.
We transform any space – existing rooms, underutilized garages, even extensions – into a home office designed for your unique needs. From renovations to dedicated structures, we'll create an environment that fosters productivity and inspires focus.  Ready to get started? Contact us today!  In the meantime, explore our tips below to turn your current space into a professional haven.

Home Office Design Tips

Natural Light & Ventilation

An essential tool for daily living and daily activities is the Natural light. It enhances productivity, well-being, and even reduces energy bills. We can bring sunshine into your existing spaces with strategically placed windows and custom skylights. Alternatively, we can design spaces that maximize natural light exposure, especially during winter months.


Design and Planning

Craft Your Calm: Design a Home Office for Focus

Imagine starting your day in a space dedicated to productivity and peace. To achieve this work haven, consider how your home office will integrate with your daily routine. Ideally, situate it away from  high-traffic areas like kitchens or family rooms to minimize distractions.


Silence Your Space, Amplify Your Focus

Tired of background noise sabotaging your Zoom meetings?

Imagine a work environment free from distractions. No more disruptive washing machines, phone calls, or unexpected outbursts.

Soundproofing your office or workspace creates a haven for productivity and professionalism.- Dedicated Entrance.

Dedicated Entrance

Welcome Collaboration, Seamlessly: Consider a Dedicated Entry

The beauty of working from home is flexibility. But what about when you need to meet with colleagues? A separate entrance for your home office allows you to welcome clients or team members professionally, without disrupting your personal space. Imagine the convenience and privacy – it's like having the best of both worlds!

Work Safe

Sharing Your Space? Safety and Collaboration Considerations

Thinking of working alongside colleagues or welcoming clients?  We've got you covered!  Let's explore how your home office setup can accommodate these needs while ensuring everyone's safety.  Depending on your location, there might be workplace safety regulations (like OSHA or WorkSafe) to consider. We'll help you navigate these requirements to create a collaborative and secure environment.

Heating & Cooling

Stay Cool, Get Focused:  Managing Heat in Your Home Office

Modern electronics are workhorses, but they can also turn your home office into a furnace. Don't let overheating slow you down!  Ensure your heating and cooling system can handle the extra load. This will keep you comfortable and your equipment running smoothly.

Fixtures & Fittings

Desk Essentials or Design Dream?

We get it - home office needs vary. Do you need a basic setup or a space with built-in storage and meeting areas? Let us help you find the perfect fit.


Stay Focused, Stay Fueled: Brew Your Success at Home

Having your favorite drinks on hand keeps you in the zone and minimizes those tempting kitchen trips that can derail your workday.

Hygiene and Cleaning

Clean Workspace, Clear Mind: Design for Efficiency

A tidy home office is a productive one. Not only does a clean space promote focus and well-being, but smart design choices can minimize cleaning time, allowing you to spend more time crushing goals. Let's explore how layout and design can contribute to a low-maintenance yet impressive workspace.

Tax Deductible

Turn Your Home Office into a Tax Advantage

Did you know that your home office could help you save money on taxes?  The costs associated with setting up and maintaining your workspace might be tax-deductible.  Unlock this potential tax benefit!  Consult with your accountant or the ATO for all the details and see if your home office qualifies.

Add Value

As working from home becomes the norm, a dedicated and well-designed home office is no longer just a convenience – it's a valuable asset. When it's time to sell, a thoughtfully crafted workspace can give your home a significant edge in the market.  This translates to a potential selling point that could attract a wider pool of interested buyers and potentially increase your home's value.

Is your home office feeling a little... uninspired?

Imagine a space that sparks creativity and fuels productivity—a haven that reflects your unique style and fosters focus. We can help you make it a reality.

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