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After COVID-19 permanently changed the way we approach our work, the rise of the home office space captured the world’s imagination like never before. As many have found, ‘working from home’ isn’t as easy as it seems, and sitting with your laptop on your lap in your living room is a recipe for disaster. But the advantages that come with a well thought out and constructed office are enormous, both in terms of productivity and mental well-being.

We specialise in creating home office spaces, from renovating existing rooms to extensions, garage repurposing and constructing dedicated structures to create a home office perfect for your situation. So call us to get started, or check out the tips below for turning your work space into a professional home office.

Home Office Design Tips

Natural light is an essential ingredient for productivity and well being, as well as saving on power bills. We can add windows and / or Custom Skylights to existing spaces, or design spaces which maximise sun exposure, particularly in winter.

Plan how the home office should function within your existing home life. Dedicate a space as far away from the kitchen as possible, or other distractions such as kids play areas etc.

Consider sound proofing your New Office / room for minimal distractions. Zoom meetings are hard enough without the sound of the washing machine or your partner on the phone or your kids having a blue in the background.

Do you ever need to meet colleagues? A separate door that doesn’t lead people through your house can make all the difference.

Will you have other employees, customers or colleagues on site? Do you have Worksafe or OHS obligations to consider?

Electrical equipment – phones, computers, modems, printers, fax machines etc can generate a lot of heat. Make sure your heating and cooling is adequate.

Do you simply need a desk and a chair, or built in shelving for printers, supplies, meeting tables and desk space?

Tea and coffee making facilities will lessen the likelihood you’ll wander into the rest of the house every 60 minutes and be distracted by everything else in there – kids, spouses, vacuuming, the kitchen pantry, the TV etc.

Offices need to be clean, so you can focus on work and so they look presentable to any visitors. Here the layout and design can make all the difference, so you spend minimal time on maintenance.

You may be eligible for deducting the costs associated with the construction and upkeep of your home office. Check with your accountant and/or the ATO for full details.

With ever more of the population requiring professional home office spaces, a well-constructed set up will be an ever increasing beneficial point of difference if you decide to sell.



Does your home office meet all the requirements?

Working from home can change your life for the better in so many ways, but dedicating and building the right office environment can make or break your chances of success. Give yourself the best chance of success by having a chat with us.



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