Are you looking to build a home in Melbourne? Here at Australian Heritage Homes, three generations of our family have been helping our clients to build their dream home for decades. Whether you are working with an existing period property, are looking for a custom build or anything in between - we combine our expertise with the highest quality materials, to give a supreme finish to each and every build we work on.

We know that building a home isn’t without its challenges. That’s why we provide a full start to finish service for your project, give you peace of mind throughout every stage of the build.

Building a New Home

Tailor one of our own designs to suit your land and desires, or fully design a unique house layout that best suits the piece of land and your requirements.


Do you want to add an extension to your existing home? Are you looking at evolving an area of your home into something new and exciting? We're here for you.

Knock Down Rebuilds

Sometimes your home just isn’t quite as you’d like it to be. We don’t just specialize in home builds and renovations, we’re also great at starting over with you.

Home Offices

We specialise in creating home office spaces, from renovating existing rooms to extensions, garage repurposing and constructing dedicated structures to create a home office perfect for your situation.

Sustainable Homes

Living in a comfortable home doesn’t have to cost the Earth. We create green, smart, sustainable homes that save you money while offering you the comforts that you deserve.

Our Services Include

Initial Land Clearing

Before work can start on any build, the land needs to be clear of any existing buildings or debris, so that it’s suitable to be constructed on. It can be a real hassle trying to find a company to do this for you. At Australian Heritage Homes, not only are we home builders, we’ll take care of all the prep work too! So if you are looking for building contractors in Melbourne for a start to finish job, you’re in the right place!


Home Design

Whether this is your first build or if you’re a dab hand in the property stakes, every single build benefits from a well thought out design. After all, real estate is the biggest investment we will ever make, so you want to make sure it’s right! As experienced, custom home builders, we can bring our expertise to the table, to maximise the potential of the project to ensure your dreams are realised. AHH will execute the very best in home design to bring your project to life.



From the foundations to the roof – we take care of every aspect of the construction for you. Plus, we can tailor the materials used to suit your build and budget. For example, using a higher skirting board or choosing tiles to keep in line with your budget, or even create a higher spec. Every step of the process will be discussed with you in-depth.  As building contractors in Melbourne, your construction is in safe hands with Australian Heritage Homes.



Building a home without landscaping it, is like plastering a ceiling without painting it – it leaves the job looking unfinished. That’s not how we like to leave things here at Australian Heritage Homes!

When we’ve finished creating your beautiful home, our trusted team of contractors will landscape it for you too. From luscious green lawns, paved driveways to stunning flower beds or even water features – whatever you had in mind for your outdoor area, it will be given the same care and attention as the inside of your home.


Building On Difficult Blocks

When it comes to building or renovating a house, there may be unforeseen issues that lie ahead. Due to the nature of construction, this is a common occurrence especially if building on a difficult block. Here at AHH, we thrive on the challenge of building on difficult blocks, honing in on our years of experience creating homes for our clients, to come up with a tailored solution.

For example, if your land has a large slope (rise and fall), we can advise on the level of grading/excavation required to go ahead, and carry this out for you. Perhaps the land is also a difficult shape? We can bring out expertise to utilise the area to its full potential. It’s certainly not the case that either of these issues should mean your project cannot go ahead, but it does require expertise to rectify any issues.

Other potential problems could involve poor soil conditions or vegetation on the land. To be able to drill structurally-sound foundations, such issues need to be rectified by a professional. At AHH, we’re proud to be able to offer a complete start to finish home building service. So, whether your block is completely straightforward or has a few hiccups along the way, at AHH, your home build is in safe hands.


Custom Home/Boutique Home Builders

Whether you have a period property, or whether you are looking to build a bespoke modern home – we understand there are custom features you may require that aren’t listed above. As period home builders, we can also create more traditional builds too. Whatever your home building project is in Melbourne, we can provide tailored solutions to suit you.

Contact us today to speak to our friendly and knowledgeable team.