What is Window Trim and What are Its BenefitsThe facade of a house is one of the first things you notice when considering buying it or when you visit a home for the first time. It encompasses the essence of your home’s personality and accentuates the architectural style of a home. As a homeowner, you may overlook details like the trims or moulding at first. However, these small additions play a stylistic role and have a practical function. Window trim is a type of finish that does both. In this article, we take a closer look at what it is.

Is There a Difference Between Window Trim, Moulding, and Casing?

Many homeowners tend to get confused when they visit a home improvement store or research a renovation or building project. The terms moulding, trim and casing seem to be used interchangeably by home builders and distributors. However, there are some key differences between the three.

Trim refers to any cover or seal that hides the gaps between walls and ceilings or those around windows and doors. Moulding is a type of trim that is more ornate, giving it an aesthetic appeal. Window and door casing is the moulding or the trim around windows and doors. It is typically broader than the base trim and seals the window openings.

The Practical Benefits of Window Trim

Without casing and other types of trim, your house would be more exposed to the elements. After installing your windows and doors, you might notice gaps between all these structures. Trim can help you seal and hide these gaps.

Window trim seals the edges of the window frames, preventing moisture from infiltrating between the wall and the frame. It also stops insects and other pests from entering your home or nesting around your windows. In addition, eliminating the gaps will keep the indoor temperature constant and your energy bill lower.

3 Styles of Window Trim

Here are three styles of trim you can consider using on your windows:

Prairie Style Trim

This style emphasises the top and bottom casing, making the view appear wider. The vertical lines remain simple and subtle, creating a landscape-oriented background for large windows.

Rosette-Style Trim

This style fits traditional, Victorian-style homes as it is more ornate. Rosettes are square, rectangular, or round ornaments at the top corners of the casing. They give an artistic flair to the house and pair well with other decorative trim types.

Coastal Trim for Windows and Doors

The Coastal style is modern and has clean lines. It fits modern homes and does not clash with angular, geometric shapes. It goes well with marine-themed, new modern-chic or industrial-style homes.

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