A Guide to Original Hardwood FloorsIf you’ve ever seen a home renovation or improvement on television, you might know that original hardwood floors are something that always seems to excite the hosts. In this post, we take a closer look at what exactly original hardwood floors are and why they are so valuable.

What Does the Term Original Hardwood Floors Mean?

The types of hardwood flooring that have existed throughout history are directly related to the available technology of the time. Before the industrial revolution and the invention of powerful steamed machines, wooden boards for floors were hand-cut with long saws. Finding original hardwood flooring in an older Victorian or heritage home can unveil unique details like these.

The type of wood was also different back then, with larger, denser timber planks available. Today, we harvest relatively young trees with a softer grain. The wood used in homes also depends on the local flora of the region.

Hardwood Floors Then and Now

Older hardwood floors had wider planks and more dense wood. The wood went through raw manufacturing processing so the floors could be refinished every decade or so. Today, homeowners often choose laminate that imitates the look of solid wooden floors but comes at an affordable price and can be easily installed. However, with laminate, you can’t refinish it once it loses its shine.

Are Hardwood Floors Expensive?

The short answer is yes. However, let’s explore the cost of hardwood flooring to understand better why it’s considered such a treasure. The cost of hardwood flooring varies depending on the timber, thickness, grade, and surface required. For example, if you want to install new mid-tier parquet floors made of white oak, you would pay around $90 to 140 per square meter, including installation costs. Covering the floors of a reasonably large house can thus cost a significant amount of money.

Despite this increased cost, the qualities of hardwood flooring make it worthwhile for many house owners. Hardwood floors are durable, and you can refresh them a few times over the subsequent decades.

How to Know if Your Home Has Original Hardwood Floors

Any homeowner lucky enough to own a heritage home or an older building in good condition might want to check for original hardwood floors. In most cases, previous owners may have covered the wooden floors with wall-to-wall carpeting, which was popular a few decades back.

Check a corner of the floor in a more inconspicuous part of the house, like a hallway. Lift the carpeting and even the linoleum if needed. If you discover wooden-looking flooring underneath, try to check if the laterals of the tile have continuous grains.

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