Room Dividers Aesthetic Additions to Your HomeOpen spaces have become increasingly popular in modern homes as they create an airy, spacious atmosphere. The most common layouts are kitchen-living room combinations that include a dining area. While open-plan homes might be appealing, there are some circumstances in which separating the different areas in a home might be more suitable. Furniture, like shelves, can serve as fantastic borders between two spaces. For a more cohesive look, a room divider can be a perfect addition.

What Is a Room Divider?

Room dividers are screens you can use to separate a large room into different areas. Throughout history, they provided privacy and created designated areas for prayer, ceremonies, changing or meditating. Dividers come in different shapes, sizes, and materials, from wood to paper. They first appeared in China centuries ago, with many Europeans subsequently adopting the idea.

The Benefits of Room Dividers

Room dividers can be a fantastic addition to your home if you have an open space. You can even use them in rooms to add more privacy. Here are some of the benefits of these furniture pieces.

  • They create a private area that you can retreat to. If you live in a household with many people, it also creates a space where you are not distracted by what’s going on in the rest of the room.
  • Room dividers are inexpensive, practical and often portable pieces that you can move aside when you want to open up the space again.
  • They evoke a classic yet exotic look and spark interesting conversations with your guests. These pieces are excellent additions to heritage homes, for example.
  • Room dividers and screens can create more storage areas by hiding clutter. Your room will look tidy and easy on the eyes even if you have plenty of stored items within reach.

Divider Designs

Below are some of the finest examples of room dividers and screens for your home or business.

Folding Divider

Perhaps the most popular type of room divider, the accordion folding model, is easy to set up where you need it. It can be decorated with illustrations and patterns or kept simple for a minimalist look.

Hanging Curtains

An inexpensive and simple way of splitting a room is by using a curtain. This method will need you to install ceiling hardware like a rod to hang the curtain fabric and allow it to slide when you want open space.

Wooden Slate Divider

Wooden slate dividers are mechanised wooden panels that can slide and rotate. They are hung on a track in the ceiling and can be moved or closed to define a space. These dividers are modern and sleek.

Custom Homes with Australian Heritage Homes

Room dividers can be practical and chic additions to your home that don’t cost much. They are decorative, functional, and easy to use. For recommendations on how to best incorporate a room divider into your home, don’t hesitate to contact Australian Heritage Homes. Our team of boutique home builders can help you with choosing the perfect room divider and any other custom homebuilding needs you might have. Contact us today!