What Does Your Kitchen NeedAh, the kitchen. One of the most magical rooms in the house. It doesn’t matter if you’re a good cook or chef; it’s likely that many of your nearest and dearest do tend to gather there on a regular basis. There’s a weird pull that the kitchen and other social spaces of the home have, but it seems to work. That said, the Australian Heritage Homes team wants to ensure that yours is equipped with everything that it needs. Sure, the basics may seem… well – basic, but if you’ve worked in the industry as long as we have, you’ve figured out an additional thing or two. Read on for more information.

We’ve talked about building your best home and what that means for the rooms that will make a world of difference. But the kitchen needs some love, and the AHH team is here to share what you need to include to ensure that it remains the home hub where both occupants and visitors frequent. For a room this nice, we’re going to blog twice… just to get our prospective readers and customers back here.

A really great oven. Of course, we start with something that’s totally subjective, because “a really great oven” can mean a dozen different things to anyone. They’re generally powered electric these days, but you never know. You have all of the potential extras, which are growing year-over-year. Well… in 2021, we think that you can get creative for your needs, but keep these baselines in mind. Size is a big one. Even if you’re a single person now, or even a couple, think about those holiday celebrations when you didn’t know that a few unexpected guests would show up. You’ll be a lot less stressed, not having to rotate through your dishes. Another element of the oven to look for is whether it has convection heating. What this means is that your oven will use a fan and circulate hot air around the oven… cleaning it!

A properly spaced-out seating area. Normal transition, right? We told you we’d cover all sorts of information in a couple of different posts. But, if a kitchen is going to be a social spot, you’re not going to want to cram into a corner, standing over counters. Those who have smaller kitchens, don’t shake your heads; this is an exercise in creativity. Look around your space and see where you can move things around. Invest in things like counters or tables that can fold down from the wall and stools that can stack elsewhere – even out of the room. Explore storables that are off the floor because you want an important focus to be a place where you can actually enjoy a meal.

Seating and ovens, total picture, right? We’re joking, but as we said, we have lots more advice to share and hope that you return to the Australian Heritage Homes blog for our next post.