Filling up Big SpacesIt’s very common, we have, and will continue to share information around the trend of small spaces. If you live in a big city where rent might be very high, you may be dealing with some very small spaces where you need to get very creative. We have lots of resources and recommendations on that front and if you have questions (on anything to do with your current or future home), definitely reach out to the Australian Heritage Homes team. But a topic that isn’t frequently covered is big spaces. There’s so much square footage. They contribute to the minimalism trend, truly, because people don’t know how to fill them. Well, most people don’t. But we do! And here are some of our recommendations in this blog post:

Space things out. “Duh”, is I’m sure what many of you are thinking, but sometimes the simplest advice is the best. If you’re dealing with a large space and you have a reduced amount of furniture, make sure that every portion of the room gets a little bit of love. To our point above, this is a trend – and a popular one at that.

Create vignettes. A little bit contradictory to our point above, but you don’t want to have one chair or sofa in each corner of the room where you’re yelling at each other when trying to have a conversation. Instead, parse out the room for a few different purposes – a living room set up here, a bar set up there; you have a tonne of real estate to play with and you should have fun doing so!

Take advantage of light… and art. They don’t always go hand in hand, but as we’re talking about using different parts of the room for different reasons, first – think about light. You want your guests and your family members to appreciate whatever you’ve got, so tilt social spaces towards natural lighting (as long as the sun won’t be directly in their eyes). Art is a little bit of a different beast, but it doesn’t always need to go on the walls, it can take up a lot of space and it can serve as the best possible conversation starter (don’t take that as bait to pick out the most controversial art, believe us, you’ll regret it).

Pick major pieces of furniture that you’re going to absolutely love and that will cater to social settings. That sounds like two goals, right? Well, we like to challenge our current and prospective customers. It’s the best feeling in the world to walk into a room, see a piece of furniture, décor, really anything and simply smile. You may have a great story behind it, you may just be really proud that you were able to add it to your arsenal. It simply doesn’t matter, it’s a part of your home. Like the above, it then becomes an easy conversation piece and something that your guests will remember when they leave.