Picking Art Out for Your HomeArt is super subjective and the Australian Heritage Homes team is aware of that. Our tastes range from the most classic of pieces to the most modern. Sometimes we baulk at each other’s opinions of what’s great (that’s not just limited to art), but because we know that respect is one of the cornerstones of a successful business, we have learned to just relish any nugget of knowledge or enthusiasm that are our teammates have. Enthusiasm is another cornerstone that we each have and that’s why writing posts for our Australian Heritage Homes blog are so exciting. We’re not talking about office brawls or anything like that, but there are definitely some judgmental eyes based on the different facts and figures that we want to share. With all that said, today’s post is absolutely subjective, focusing on the best ways to pick and price art, no matter your size or style of home. Read on for more information:

The first thing you need to remember is that your style can change all of the time. You might be totally in love with a painting or sculpture when you purchase it and hate it just a few short years later. Totally normal and why there are so many resources to share or recycle your art if you really can’t stand seeing it in your home. Hopefully, it’s more of a situation where you laugh when you walk past it and wonder what you were thinking, but you never know.

To the above point, be strategic about what you’re paying. We’re fortunate to live in a culture where you can find all sorts of art at any price point, simply by perusing the internet. Beautiful art can be a wonderful addition to any home, but it doesn’t need to come at a price that you’ll regret later. The prints and posters made of famous artwork can be just as beautiful as the original pieces. Check out sites like minted.

Now, it’s time to figure out where you’re placing all of the wonderful artwork that you’ve chosen. You might have read our most recent post which talks about filling large spaces in your home and art is a great way to do that. The same can be said for small spaces, even sometimes opening them up. Our tip for small spaces is to choose light and bright artwork, which can help open up the space. Our tip for larger spaces is, ‘the more the merrier’ and explore sculptures if they fit your personal style.

Finally, make sure that you take proper care of any art investment that you make. They look beautiful and perfect when you first purchase, but that can quickly change, especially if your art is susceptible to an excessive amount of moisture, which can warp any variety of art – or, equally as challenging – sunlight, which can dull colours faster than you may imagine.

Follow these tips and let us know the art that you choose!