Are Storm Windows Something You Should ConsiderWindows are an integral component of any home. They allow natural light to enter your home, provide additional heating and cooling and showcase the surrounding scenery. Yet, while they may be commonplace, the cost of installing them is by no means small. Adding things like storm windows can make your windows extra safe and secure against the elements. They can turn your home into a fortress in its own right and also improve its exterior aesthetic.

What Are Storm Windows?

Storm windows are panels that fit over regular windows. They can be mounted from the inside or on the outside of the existing window panes. Typically made from glass or rigid plastic panels, storm windows provide both protection and insulation. However, despite the numerous benefits of storm windows, it has one drawback. Notably, once you install a storm window, you won’t be able to open your window anymore. The good news is they are easy to remove, so you can keep them in storage during drier seasons until you need them again.

How Storm Windows Protect Your Home

Storm windows can protect your existing windows from extreme temperatures, winds and debris. They also lower energy costs by providing another layer of insulation against drafts and cold air. Additionally, storm windows reduce outside noise by up to 40%, which is particularly helpful if your home is near a highway or a busy commercial site.

3 Types of Storm Windows

There are three types of storm windows, each with various perks and advantages.

Interior Storm Windows

Interior storm windows are the most inexpensive. They are made of acrylic, lightweight plastic, or glass inserts. Interior storm windows are quick to install and remove. They are also fully customisable and can fit inside any window frame.

Exterior Storm Windows

As their name suggests, exterior storm windows are mounted outside the house. Because they stand on the outside directly facing the elements, they are typically made of wood, vinyl or aluminium.

Temporary Storm Windows

These storm windows usually come into play during the coldest months of the year. Temporary storm windows are created by attaching insulating films to the interior window face. They are often disposable and come in the form of acrylic panels that fit inside the pane of a window.

The Affordable Choice

The average cost of a high-quality storm window can range from $350 to $450 per window. With some maintenance and good care, storm windows can last for years. Due to their functionality, durability and aesthetic appeal, storm windows can add value to a home when renting or selling it.

Are Storm Windows Worth It?

There aren’t many things you can add to your home that can improve it quite like storm windows. They provide protection, decrease noise, add value to your home, and are economical and easy to maintain. If you want to incorporate storm windows into your home design, our team of expert custom home builders here at Australian Heritage Homes can help. With decades of experience in the industry, we can help you turn your dream home into a reality. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation!

Image Source: Allied Window, Inc.