A Guide to Building a Victorian HomeChoosing a design and architectural style that aligns with your lifestyle, needs, and budget is crucial when building a home. While there are many options to choose from, the classic Victorian floor plan is practical, sophisticated and elegant. In this post, we take a look at the long and storied history of this renowned architectural design and see if it is suitable for your needs.

What Is a Victorian Home?

Contrary to popular opinion, the Victorian style didn’t just appear out of the blue as an original design idea. Instead, it is an amalgamation of different architectural styles, mainly the Romanesque and Gothic styles. Victorian houses first originated in Great Britain during the reign of Queen Victoria from 1837 to 1901, which is also where the name comes from. This ornate architectural style is the perfect attention grabber with its steep rooflines, dressy porches and windows and doors embellished with various decorative elements.

The Anatomy of the Victorian Floor Plan

Some typical characteristics tie the Victorian architectural style together. These include:

Complex Roofs

Victorian houses usually have two or three stories with gables, steep roofs and round towers. Numerous turrets, dormers and towers give the roof a stunning look that draws the gaze of an observer to the top of the house.

Decorative Woodwork

The Victorian design has distinct wooden embellishments. Embroidered corbels and aureate carvings make them one of the most picturesque architectural styles.

Stained Glass

Clear or mirrored glass gives any house a more modern, polished look. That is why you’ll see intricate, stained glass recurring in Victorian-style buildings. The gothic appearance of the stained glass makes it the perfect fit for the exterior of a Victorian home.

Colourful Shutters and Crowns

Simple wooden shutters on each side of the window are painted in contrasting colours to the siding. Windows on Victorian houses are also usually adorned with cornice moulding, which gives them a distinct “crowned” look.

Large Porches

Porches are a must in Victorian homes. They are usually wrap-around with extensive spindle work and gingerbread cut-outs.

The Costs of Building a Victorian-Style Home

The overall cost of a Victorian house can be anywhere from $250,000 to $600,000. On average, a Victorian home will cost around 15% more to build than a modern house. The most expensive features of a Victorian home are its roof and trim. Keystones and ladies, spindle work and bargeboard, are just some of the many details that can increase the cost of building.

Do Victorian Homes Hold Their Value?

Given the unique architectural aesthetic and historical significance of many Victorian homes, they are often in high demand on the property market and usually hold their value in the longer term.

Victorian Homes in the Modern Era

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