What Are Bay Windows and Should You Install OneThe earliest windows date back to the 13th century BC and were just unglazed openings to allow light to enter a building during the day. From there came covered windows, windows with shutters, paper windows and eventually, the glass windows that we’re familiar with today. Bay windows are one of the most efficient and elegant windows that you can have. In this post, we take a look at what they are and whether you should install them in your home.

A Brief History of the Bay Window

Bay windows first appeared in the English Renaissance period, which lasted from the late 15th to early 17th century. During this time, most bay windows were oriel windows. Oriel windows extend outward from the wall but do not touch the ground. Modern bay windows consist of three or more windows that angle out, forming a small pocket of space and maximising the amount of daylight that can enter through them. Their indisputable efficiency and unique appearance are what make bay windows popular.

What Style of Home Suits a Bay Window?

A bay window is a beautiful design style, but it won’t fit well with just any type of house. Houses designed with a natural style would look marvellous with bay windows. Such houses include country chic, farmhouse and chalet-style homes.

The Pros and Cons of a Bay Window

The bay window is a very peculiar architectural feature. Designers often have to either work around it or include it in their very first drafts of the interior. As such, bay windows have some pros and cons, including:


  • Bay windows create additional space on the inside of the home
  • They let much more light inside than the typical windows
  • Their unique design and beauty can increase a home’s value


  • Bay windows tend to be expensive and complicated to install
  • Extra glass in the bay window can also be a detriment during the summer months because the room will be harder to cool
  • All of your blinds, drapes, and curtains will have to be custom-made

How Much Would a Bay Window Cost?

Bay windows themselves usually cost between $700 to $5,000 but average around $2,000. Adding a bay window to your home will usually cost you around $2,500 with labour costs. That price can grow significantly depending on the type, size and material of the window as well as the difficulty of installing it. For example, a bow bay window would be considerably more expensive than an oriel bay window due to the varying degrees of difficulty in installation.

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