Secrets that Current Homeowners Wish They’d KnownThe Australian Heritage Homes team deals with a host of customers – some who have an abundance of knowledge around their next home and some that are seeking all sorts of answers. Working with both groups, we’re able to provide any guidance possible to ensure that the house you’re about to move into is the home that you’ve always dreamed of. We’ve been able to amass this knowledge and also ensure that we can properly answer the questions that you have because of the variety of those that we work with. After every obscure conversation, we make sure that we stockpile the answers so that it’s even easier to provide guidance the next time that it comes up. But like we said, these questions can be rather curious. Here are some of the most popular that we get and those that you should think about when you’re looking at your next property.

Look up. This isn’t a poetic or metaphorical suggestion; you actually want to look upwards towards your ceiling and ensure that the price you’re about to pay reflects any work that needs to be done. Ironically, your ceiling is one of the paramount pieces of the structure of your home and indicative of your foundation. Nothing is a dealbreaker, but if you see cracks that you can eye-ball are larger than a few millimetres, then you want to a) do your homework with a contractor (and honestly, this should be on the seller) and b) potentially renegotiate the price of the home-based on any work that needs to be done.

If you’re planning on doing a lot of work with different third-party contractors, we recommend that you understand the products and the work that’s going into different projects. You don’t want to have the work on different home renovation projects redone over and over and you also want to be able to answer any questions if and when you want to sell your home to its next owner. It’s a positive mark on your integrity and also a great indication of your investment in the home.

It’s all well and good if your future home is on a great street, surrounded by wonderful neighbours and potentially easy walking distance from many of the things that are most important to you. But you should still do your homework about a plethora of different factors. We’re talking about the school district, crime rate, the actual distance to the closest supermarket and other businesses that you know you’ll need on a daily or weekly basis – the internet can only tell you so much. The Australian Heritage Homes team recommends that you do a comprehensive drive through both the central neighbourhood and also the surrounding ones, so you can ensure you know exactly what is adjacent to you, each and every day.

Questions? The Australian Heritage Homes team is always here, for this topic, and for any that make sure you are excited about your dream home.

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