While one building may seem like enough for any sort of lot or property, the Australian Heritage Homes team understands when there are specific needs that require multiple buildings on one property. It’s something that can stress out many of our current or prospective members of our community and we want to dispel the gossip that can cause you to not get after designing your perfect home. As the best in the business, here are a couple of our thoughts:

Let’s get the not-so-fun stuff out of the way: anything related to legal and to council regulations. (Oh, and finances; they’re not any fun either). They’re going to be different depending on where you are and where you plan on building. One building footprint may be totally fine in one area and non-negotiable twenty miles away in any direction. The key here is to have the right partners in contracting and – ahem – we happen to know where to find them here at Australian Heritage Homes. The AHH team can either solve the problem at hand or help you find the best partner to ensure that you’re working by the book, especially given the different regulations based on the different areas that you live in. If you want to get into the details, this is a good article to check out.

More specifically, you want to think about lot size regulations. Tiny homes are all the rage right now, partially because you can pick them up and move them wherever you please. But the trend opened the door to thinking through what the usage of an entire lot could be used for. Does it account for one house or structure, two, three, or four? There will be regulations by the city and this article shares important information that we recommend that you reference, even including the distance between the different structures, which is something that many current or prospective landowners are unaware of.

And then finally, the fun decision! What are you going to use the different structures for? Think through what your upcoming passion project or just passion in general is. That can help inform what you’re going to build on your lot, either now or later. Maybe you’re looking to create a separate business and need space for it. Maybe you’re moving to a larger lot with the prominent goal of embracing the wide-open outdoors and you simply want to have go-to spots across the property. And maybe you’re simply thinking about minor updates and building projects, solving the smallest of challenges like a shed for larger animals or a place for a family member to simply get away to. We support all of the above, and as we said, can either solve the problem or point you in the direction of someone that can.

This is more of a food-for-thought post, but one around which we’re happy to answer the questions that come to mind now or come to mind down the planning pipeline.