Maximizing Your Storage and OrganizationThere are many different moments in homeownership when you need to think about storage and organization. These can range from that one box of belongings that you’ve been looking at for years and you KNOW it needs to be stored to something brand new that you love inconsequentially and need to think through the best place in your home to keep it safe and sound. The Australian Heritage Homes team regularly notes our current customers and the emotional attachments that they have related to these belongings, even very early on in the process of building their dream homes. You see the slight tweaks of the eyes, the immediate questions, and even the body posture which is just as much a reminder for you as it is for them; these belongings were important! Let’s both store and present them properly. Here are some tips and tricks.

Many of our teammates have been loving storage solutions recently that meet multiple goals and ultimately become multi-purpose. You may be someone that has fully embraced buying far more clothes than we needed during the pandemic. If so, you’ll want to look into hanger solutions like these. Some even call them “smart hangers” and they’re not lying; these are hangers that not only open up space in your closet but also allow you to see your clothing far more easily.

We do love to organize, so you’ll see all sorts of organization-related posts on the AHH blog, and January is the perfect time to think through the best ways to reassess what the year looks like and what changes you want to make. A tip that we’ve discussed before is working up and down versus out or sideways. Especially in rooms like your garage or those that were originally geared to be storage spaces, start by measuring the height of the room and taking that as your motivation towards what sort of cubes, shelves, etc. you’re going to invest in. The key with this, the above, and any tips to follow, is to have some fun. We think of organization as so utilitarian, but as long as you’re able to find what you’re looking for, you should be able to do so with a smile on your face and pride that you’ve added another beautiful architectural detail to the interior of your home. We love the aesthetic inspiration that this site has provided.

And in closing, the most annoying tip of all… you still need to be able to navigate the structures that you’ve designed and remember where you’ve put everything that you need on either a regular or maybe a not-so-regular basis. Now, what they would have done 100 years ago is completely different from the options that we have right now. There’s no shame in this game. Pull up your phone and check out some of the best organizational apps around. At the touch of a button, you’ll be able to discern where that skirt from 1994 is or that paintbrush that you need for some touch-up work around the house.