January Home NewsWe did that thing where we blinked again, and all of a sudden it was a brand-new year. Hello, 2022 and welcome to both our newer readers and our seasoned veterans who know exactly what Australian Heritage Homes is all about. Looking to get in the know? It’s very simple – we built the best houses around and have for decades. There’s a secret sauce, if you will, we’re family-owned and operated, we bring in the best in the business, and we’ve built really strong relationships with different contractors, so we know that we can provide you with the service that you deserve.

And then there’s this blog. It’s been around for a while, and our goal is to ensure that not only are we providing you with the service we mentioned, but we’re educating you on the projects and initiatives where you can lead the charge. And what better way to do that – what better timing to share this – than regular repositories of news related to what’s going on in the worlds of architecture, home construction, and even interior design. We do it on a monthly basis. Read on for our favourites as of late:

Housing Inventory Down, Home Construction Costs Rise

Don’t let this first article deter you if you’re looking to do any sort of home construction project. Rather, let it guide you to the right companies to work with since according to this site, home construction costs are going up. That’s market-specific and it is accurate and something to keep in mind. January is a key month for budgeting and that includes home renovations. If you plan now and keep your eyes on articles like this one, you’ll not only be set up for success, but you may also be pleasantly surprised with how much money you save when the time comes to break ground on your projects of 2022. Read here for more information.

Demand for New Construction Homes Plummets as Prices Soar

Don’t worry, we promise to end on a high note and not only share challenging (but important!) information. It’s a big question when you next embark on a home renovation or even a purchase – do you go for new construction or resurrect some of the greatest architectural work of past days. Well, prices are going up for new construction, simply because inventory is lower. Don’t fret – that’s not the case with the Australian Heritage Homes team, we cater to all of the needs that you have, but this is worth checking out, because again, as you’re planning ahead for the new year, you want to have all of the right information in hand. Check out this link.

Build a Pet-Friendly Home

We told you we’d end on a happy note. Who doesn’t love a furry (or maybe not so furry) friend! We need to ensure that many of our customers’ homes are designed with them in mind and this article agrees with us. “But what about your favourite companion? The one who appreciates your constant attention and love but lives in the moment and doesn’t demand much more than basic needs. The one who greets you whenever you come home, no matter how little time you’ve been gone. The one who sleeps at your feet in the home office or joins the occasional videoconference, adding a bit of levity to otherwise dull meetings.” When you put it like that… You can learn more here.