The Refined Elegance of French DoorsOur homes are havens of comfort and joy that allow us to express ourselves through our design choices. The windows and doors you choose can help you add flair and elegance to the overall design of your home. One stylish alternative to a traditional door is French doors. Modern French doors are secure, energy-efficient, and come in various models to suit different interior design styles.

Are French Doors Actually French?

French doors, as their name suggests, do indeed originate in France. Home builders started adding these large glass panel doors to bring more light into homes of the 17th century. Back then, interiors were illuminated with candles and oil lamps, so more natural light was a welcome addition to any home.

When British travellers noticed the ingenious door design, they brought it back to England. From there, it spread to multiple households and commercial establishments. Ever since they began being used internationally, they became known as French doors.

Key Features of French Doors

This type of door usually comes in pairs, each having a main frame with one large glass panel or multiple ones. French doors are double-hinged and often open up towards a patio or garden. They are traditionally made out of timber, although aluminium variants also exist and can be a good option.

The Benefits of Added French Doors

Here is why you should consider adding French doors to your home:

They allow plenty of natural light inside

The glass panels of French doors let more natural light in, which can have multiple benefits for your health and comfort. Exposure to sunlight can help you improve your sleep, metabolize vitamin D and enjoy a better mood in general.

They add value to your home

French doors may attract more buyers if you ever consider selling your house. High-quality French doors use solid timber and are durable and secure. They also add aesthetic value and functionality to your home.

They reduce your electricity bills

Solid timber makes French doors energy-efficient, especially if the glass panels are double-glazed. They also perform better than sliding doors as it takes less time to open and close them.

They widen the entryway

The immediate benefit of French doors is that the entryway to your home becomes wider, allowing you to open up the space. During days with nice weather, you can leave the doors open to enjoy fresh air and warmth. Hosting gatherings is also easier with this door type.

Upgrade Your Home with French Doors

French doors are elegant and can undeniably make your home more appealing. They are also easy to install and feature specialised glass panels with glazed or film treatments. French doors can hence be a stylish upgrade, especially for back entryways and patios.

If you want to incorporate French doors into your home design, consider working with a contractor with extensive experience in the industry. Australian Heritage Homes is a leading team of custom home builders serving Melbourne and the surrounding areas. Contact us today to see how we can help you turn your French door dreams into reality.