Grand Entryway Ideas for Your HomeWhen homeowners or business owners think of renovations, they often focus on the interior of a building. However, a fantastic project for a new entryway can upgrade your facade and add to the curb value of your house. In this post, we examine some of the ways you can build a grand entrance for your home.

The Definition of Entryway

For starters, what exactly is an entryway? As its name suggests, it is the room following your front door, the principal entrance to your home or business. Other terms that can refer to the same thing include the vestibule, threshold, doorway, lobby or foyer of a home. In many homes, the entryway contains a coat hanger, a mirror, a small shelf for small items like keys, umbrellas or scarves, and a space for shoes.

Why Entryways Matter

Entryways are crucial for welcoming guests, allowing them to get comfortable and put away their outdoor jackets, purses and bags. It also helps you organize and keep your home cleaner and more appealing. If you take the time to renovate your entryway and plan it as a practical but aesthetically pleasing space, you will make a great first impression.

6 Ideas for Adding Grandeur to Your Entryway

Here are some suggestions for adding a touch of grandeur and beauty to an entryway, inside and out.

Custom Front Doors

The most visible element of an entryway is your front door. If you want to impress passers-by and your guests, choose a custom door that will catch their eye.


This grand entryway gives shelter to visitors coming by vehicle. They can park their car, motorcycle, or other vehicles beneath a covered porch-like structure.

Defined Space

Separate the entryway space from the rest of the house by choosing a different pattern of tiles, flooring, carpeting or wall colour.

Seasonal Blooms and Plants

Humans love being surrounded by nature, and it’s hardwired in our brains to like greenery. Add plants to your entryway to create a welcoming atmosphere with pleasant smells and a fresh look.

Fine Wall Art

Adding curated paintings and pictures to your walls can tell a story. You can chat about them when walking your guests to and from the house.

Elegant Lighting

Proper lighting is crucial for interior design. Match the light fixtures to the rest of the room. For large spaces, consider using a chandelier. Try wall-hanging lights or a decorative table lamp for a smaller entryway.

Entry Aesthetics and More

A beautiful entryway helps you express your style and create a welcoming atmosphere. You can use elements like matched lighting, greenery and art pieces to add style to this featured space.

If you want your guests to be in awe as they take the first step inside your home, Australian Heritage Homes is here to help. Our team of expert period home and custom home builders will work closely with you to choose the right style, design and materials for your entryway. Contact us today for a free consultation!