Origins of Design The Aesthetic EraArt and design sometimes go hand in hand with utility, culture and technology. Other times, they can push the boundaries of human imagination. This intertwining of ideas and concepts is what has led to the effervescent, twisting road of art and design.

Today, we recreate and celebrate many styles and art movements. We bring back motifs from the past while also playing with new concepts and modern takes on the basics. In this post, we take a closer look at the Aesthetic era of art history.

When Was the Aesthetic Era?

The Aesthetic period started in England at the end of the 19th century when the Industrial Revolution was in its nascent stages and changing the face of the world forever.

The Aesthetic movement was a call to bring back the beauty of art in everyday life and elevate aesthetics to a place of great importance. This art wave followed the Victorian era, a time of sober, practical styles. The Aesthetic movement in art was popular in England, Italy and France.

The Precursor to Other Artistic Design Movements

Prevalent in all areas of art, the Aesthetic movement was a precursor of the Art Nouveau era. What started as a revival of art as an action in itself and for itself ended up creating several other styles. Art Nouveau pioneers focused on bringing beauty to everyday objects, and each movement had its defining details.

The Fundamentals of Aesthetic Era Design

The Aesthetic Era in design was known for an eclectic use of colour, patterns, and symbols. Japanese colours and themes were highly regarded, influencing many home builders and causing homes to be adorned with gold, red and white details.

One of the popular motifs was the peacock feather, which we will later find in the Art Nouveau movement. The colours in this style were usually vivid and included blue, green, violet or amber jewel tones. Botanical details and decorations inspired by the insect world are also recurring details of the era. Furniture makers would stain the wood in dark tones to resemble ebony, a popular detail at the time.

The Influencers of the Aesthetic Era

Prominent figures in the world’s art capitals shaped the era of Aestheticism. Some of the most notable public figures promoting the movement were Oscar Wilde, William Morris, Dante Gabriel Rosetti and EW Goodwin.

Is Aesthetic Era Design Popular Today?

As mentioned before, artists and designers love reviving past currents in art and design. If you want, you can easily incorporate an Aesthetic Era design style into your home with proper research and help from experienced period home builders.

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Image Source: Daniella on Design