Luxury at Home: Adding a Home SpaGoing to a spa and relaxing after a busy day is a treat that very few of us would refuse. However, the prices of such services have increased in recent times, and people increasingly prefer to spend more time at home since the pandemic changed our lifestyles.

In this context, you might want to consider a home improvement project that brings the luxury of spas directly into your home. Such an investment can add to your quality of life and will help you sell your home for a better price if you ever put it on the market.

Things to Consider Before Building a Home Spa

Before hiring contractors and ordering your materials, consider a few things carefully. Building a spa at home is a complex project, and it would be wise to have all the administrative details settled before the actual renovation. First, determine the location where the future spa will be. Do you want an outdoor spa area or a classic indoor one? Is the space you need connecting to water sources, drainage, and electricity? How big do you want your home spa to be?

Create a list of the features you want to include in your home spa, like hot tubs, massage tables, or relaxation corners. Make it as detailed as you can but expect changes along the way.

Make Sustainable Choices

To keep your home spa sustainable, consider the appliances you want to use for your spa and their energy efficiency. Sustainable home design involves utilising energy and water efficiently to avoid waste and costly bills.

Key Features of a Home Spa

Here are some key features to consider adding to your home spa:


There is nothing like a traditional sauna session to refresh your body and mind. Cedar wood is a great choice for both outdoor and indoor saunas.

Water features

Most spas have water features that relax your eyes and mind and help you unwind. Add waterfalls and streams to your backyard or spa room to enhance the relaxing atmosphere.

Workout area

Adding an area to practice yoga or other calming exercises before entering your home spa is the perfect way to balance the body and mind.

The Cost of Adding a Home Spa

The cost of adding a home spa depends on what features you want. Some elements of a home spa can add thousands to your final bill, and fees might increase if there are unexpected issues. Also, remember that the cost of a home spa does not end when you use it for the first time. A home spa will add to your monthly bills as well.

Your Custom Home Specialists

If you’ve decided to start a home spa project, working with experienced boutique home builders can help you avoid disappointment. Australian Heritage Homes is a premier custom home builder in Melbourne and have decades of experience in the industry. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help with your next home improvement project!