Sloped Lot, Treed Area, Warrandyte NorthWith time going by both so quickly and so slowly, it’s tough to take a breath and think about the work that you’ve recently accomplished or the work that’s coming down the pipeline. The team at Australian Heritage Homes aims to make an active effort to stop and smell the roses – as they say – and always celebrate our wins while thinking through opportunities for future work.

December is an interesting month for us – record high temperatures compared to many parts of the rest of the world, who are celebrating their respective holidays. You’ll notice a certain theme on the blog this month, as you generally do at the end of every year here. One of gratitude, celebration and planning ahead. So, while we don’t have snow, we do have the best customers in the world. But we’ll get to you later…

Today we’re having a ‘stop and smell the roses’ moment and we’re taking a look at some of our favourite properties that we’ve worked on:

Ringwood North

This home had a couple of different construction challenges, so we were able to get creative. There were terrain and site conditions, (which we see frequently) and existing foundation issues. Both were easily solved, thanks to our extensively experienced team members and a unique way to make the foundation work.

Warrandyte North

You’ll start to notice some common factors of these properties where we’ve been so proud to have such great success – this one was an opportunity to continue to work on site conditions… mainly, a very sloped lot. Separately, it is an area known for its beautiful foliage and views and there were many trees on the property, which can impede with the foundation. No problem for the AHH team.

Chirnside Park

Split-level is a style of home design that will remain timeless for many reasons. It’s iconic, it’s historic, it’s functional (especially for those sloped lots that we were referring to) and it can be very cost-effective. Another favourite part of this project for us was contending with a creative budget. We have found that too many of our prospective customers have been putting off building their dream home because they believe that too much of their money will go right down the drain. We’re always here to dispel that myth, and this house is the perfect example of that.

Langwarrin South

As shared in this write-up, “A kit home is a house where many of the elements are prefabricated. They’re brought onsite to the property and assembled there. The thought behind the terminology is that the assemblers are putting together a giant kit, similar to a toolkit or an art project.” Projects like this are a great example of why the industry community that we work with is so wonderful. The owners purchased a kit from a local company and the AHH team was on the case to assemble.

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