Living Off the Grid

Living Off the GridWith so many stressors in everyone’s day to day lives, sometimes you just want to get away and not deal with anyone or anything. At least that’s what the team at Australian Heritage Homes is seeing more and more, and it’s in part because it’s an option. We now have options for technology, we have options for power and energy saving, we have options to make these homes that are out in the middle of nowhere, places that you’re proud to call home. Don’t worry, you don’t need to invite friends and family over – as we said, there are options within technology for that now.

The big question and topic of this blog is – does this make sense for you and your lifestyle? Are you someone that doesn’t need major interaction or simply someone that enjoys the peace and quiet of the great outdoors? We ask, because we work with both, and we want to ask the right questions. Those are two of the biggest. Here are others:

  • Are you someone that needs technology on a regular basis and in what capacity? Is moving further away from urban areas going to impact your work on a day-to-day basis? Perhaps not with an increasing number of work from home-type jobs. But there are jobs that require you to be hard-lined or at least in the vicinity of a good network, so it is something to think about. Are you someone that loves binge-watching the latest show? This is something else to take into account.
  • Are you prepared for any commutes into towns or cities based on what your daily, weekly, monthly needs are? You can make it an excellent weekend trip, as long as you’re properly prepped to know what you need to buy, when and how.
  • Are you choosing an area conducive to the hobbies that you love so much? You may love gardening and wish to pursue it more frequently as a serious hobby – then you’re going to want to find land where you’ll be able to enjoy what makes you happy.
  • Do you think it’s a temporary adventure? If so, you may want to explore what the industry refers to as “tiny houses” – although technically not always the case. The beauty of the tiny home is that you can move it as frequently as you like, and you can also design it to fit this chapter of your life. In fact, further down the line, you can keep your tiny house in a different capacity as a part of your property – an escape, or even a guest house for when all of the family and friends that haven’t seen you come to visit.

“Living off the grid” may sound like a questionable term, but the fact of the matter is, we and other members of the industry are simply redefining and explaining that you can live wherever you want, and we’ll ensure that we build you the home of your dreams, no matter where that is.