Best Home Appliances This YearThere are certain things you look forward to purchasing when you move into your new home and there are definitely ones that you put off. Unfortunately, many of the latter are ones that you need rather immediately – like appliances. Some – if you work with companies like Australian Heritage Homes – will bake these decisions into the process and make sure that you are choosing items that are best for your home. But many of our readers have already bought homes and whether they already have appliances in them or not, we can hazard a guess that there may be a few steps in homework that were missed. Whether we work with you from day one or are just jumping in, information-sharing is always valuable. Here are our favourite home appliances for the duration of this year:

We’re not endorsing any particular brands, but we are endorsing the items that we think you should invest money into. First up is your refrigerator. We’re guessing that unless you’re starting from the ground up, you probably have one. But how old is it? How much power is it using? What kind of electrical work lives behind it and is it meeting your needs? If any of the answers are yes, then great, but these are questions you should be asking yourself instead of settling.

Next up is your washing machine (bonus for the dryer). There are so many unique and innovative options these days that even combine the two – although don’t overfill them. Washers and dryers are so specific to the needs of your household, because they may be large, or they may be small. You may use them frequently or not at all. Unfortunately, there’s some homework involved in this one, but if you pick the right appliances for your laundry room or space, you’re ultimately saving yourself time in the long run.

Finally, for today, we want to talk about your dishwasher. Surprisingly, more and more of the older units don’t account for these in the sale and don’t both put one in. We don’t know about you, but with a proficient dishwasher, you’re spending the time that you should be doing other things… not doing dishes. The key here – as is the case with your dishwasher and dryer – look for sustainable and practical options. We’re guessing that no matter what the size of your household is, you’re racking up those dishes. Of note, it takes just as much water, if not more, to wash these by hand, unless… you find the environmentally friendly option(s) that make(s) the most sense for you.

When you have all of these in your home and feel comfortable that they’ve alleviated stress on you, your wallet, your schedule and more, then the Australian Heritage Homes team knows we’ve done our job. But it doesn’t stop there – feel free to reach out with any questions you may have about your dream home.