Whats New in Home News in AprilIf you check in regularly to the Australian Heritage Homes blog, you know this is a regular deal. We like to build the best homes and we like to share the best knowledge related to your homes. There are a couple of routines associated and one of them is our compilation of home news that we’ve seen drive and inspire the work that we do, every single day. We can’t keep this all to ourselves, so we’re striving to share it with you – our valued community of customers – on a regular basis. So, what’s been going on this month? Read on to learn more:

Designer, Builder, Homeowner Reflect on What Makes a Dream Home

One thing that we forget about on a regular basis is the different roles that our different experts play when they’re onsite on a job. You have your architect, you have the head of the constructor, you have your designer when all is said and done. Each is very valuable, and they all need to learn from each other. This article helps share exactly that. Now, an essential component of this article is the idea that visions and goals for a dream home have changed over the years. “I’m creating specialized spaces driven by clients’ interests and hobbies, whereas 15 years ago dream houses were driven by that aspirational thing, what they think everyone would want,” Flanigan said. “My clients want to create something that is their own, not a statement to the neighbours.” Learn more here.

3 Benefits of Building Your Own Home

While we hope that you always work with the AHH team, we do know that there are elements or parts of your home where it makes sense to own the work yourself. It’s important to us to have these conversations with you and to share articles with different viewpoints. This article shares some of the benefits of building your own home from the ground up, discussing budgeting, ensuring everything is customizable and having control over the vision. The AHH team keeps all of these things in mind but doing homework in advance of meeting with us only helps you out more. Read on at this article for more information.

What Are the Different Types of Ceilings, and What Do They Cost?

This is starting to become a repetitive theme in our news roundups and that’s because we’re getting this question on a more regular basis: what sort of ceiling should I have? If you watch home renovation shows, you’re probably seeing it there as well – vaulted, the different types of beams, even the different types of materials. Interestingly enough, many different styles hark back to different architectural styles of buildings, making these decisions very cyclical over the years. What was great hundreds of years ago, is great again now. This article can help you determine whether you should preserve your current ceiling or look at a completely new look. We recommend checking out this article.

As always, we think of the team at Australian Heritage Homes as resources for any questions that you may have and we have a variety of ways to get in touch with us – be it by email, phone or in person. We’ll make your dream home a reality.