June Home NewsAs we tend to say, the weather outside is the weather, but the one thing that never changes no matter what the season is, is the Australian Heritage Homes round-up of news related to making your home the best possible place to design and build all of the possible memories you can. Sometimes that’s easier said than done, and sometimes it’s even harder said than done, but that’s why our team is always committed to sharing the information that helps you make the right choices for your property. The choices that keep money in your pocket, the choices that make you smile when you leave or return home and the choices that will ultimately make your house the best decision you’ve ever made. Read on for more information:

We’re going to start with the driest of information, but perhaps the most necessary of reminders month-over-month; while we wish that homes were free of cost and in abundance whenever you look for one, that’s not the case. So, you have to think through and deal with all of the different ways that you’ll want to finance your home. And believe us… there are a lot of them. That’s part of the reason why these articles are in abundance on the internet every month and while when you read our intros, you may think that we’re being redundant, we’re not. Everyone’s needs are different. Everyone’s timelines are different, but everyone still needs a way to get across the finish line and get into their dream home. Check out our favourite article this month that can aid you in this journey.

While you may not be spending a tonne of time outside as wind, rain and other elements pick up, that’s no reason why you shouldn’t still appreciate the work that you’ve put into your outside spaces… like your patio. There’s nothing like enjoying a book or a nice beverage outside when the sun peaks out to play, but you’re still able to enjoy the whip of a winter wind, just coming by to say hello. Patios don’t get as much long as they should year-round, but this article is here to offer all of the advice that you’ve been missing. As this article shares, think of your patio like an ‘outside escape’ and don’t feel like you’re fenced in (pun intended) but the popular shapes and styles of patios. It’s your home and you should have fun with it, staying within your budget and timeline. Read this link for more information.

You’d be intrigued and sometimes shocked at the trends in conversation that we have with current and potential customers. We’re not complaining – they help the AHH team only finesses our knowledge of what goes into a dream home. The entry way is literally your calling card for not only the experience that your guests have when visiting but also what makes you smile or frown when you come home, stressed after a long day. This article brings to life our favourite aspirational adjective – welcoming. Read here to learn more.