May Home NewsWelcome back to the blog of Australian Heritage Homes! We hope that you’ve spent time exploring the site and learning all about the different styles of homes that we’ve been able to design and construct over the last number of decades. The variety in sizes and styles makes us proud and we hope that it inspires you to do a couple of things. The first is that we hope it inspires you to stick around and check out other posts on our blog. For years we’ve dedicated passion and conversation towards sharing the information nuggets that we hear and think, “our valued community of customers may appreciate this!” We’re talking about the hidden corners that you need to make sure are painted on a regular basis, the plants that may look pretty but won’t hold up through a season, and the smart buffer that you should keep in your wallet for a range of home renovations and more. Sometimes there is simply too much information to share for one month. In these cases, once a month, we put together a round-up of our favourite stories and here are ours from May:

Buying a Starter Home vs a Forever Home

Any decision related to your home is going to be a direct reflection of your decision-making skills in general. And your point-of-view about homes will – not may, will – change many times throughout your life. Think about the style of home that you loved when you were a small child. Is that admiration still at the same level? If so, wonderful! If not, totally normal. Depending on how you go after large decisions like this, buying a starter home versus a forever home is a big one. While a starter home is a great investment for now, especially if you plan on moving soon or frequently and it’s also good for building equity for yourself. On the other hand, while a forever home will be more expensive, you know that you won’t have to deal with the potential stressors of moving for the foreseeable future. Read this article for more information.

Spring Gardening

We love planning ahead here at Australian Heritage Homes and that includes anything in relation to your landscaping. As if we didn’t have enough things to worry about, often you’re told to think at least a season ahead as you’re perusing for seeds or plants to add some life to your front yard. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a place called the internet where you could find articles that help you prepare ahead? Store this one away as you plan for next spring. You’ll be glad that you did!

25 Small Office Ideas to Help You Work From Home

We have to culminate with some inspiration to continue a great day for you. It’s hard not to go down the rabbit holes of looking at unique spaces, especially because we’re hoping small pieces lend themselves to updates and enhancements you can do yourself! Nothing is more relevant right now than home office spaces and unfortunately, many of us are working with a lot less space than we’d like. Never fear, this article has all sorts of ideas for small office spaces. They might even make you get back to work! Here’s the link to learn more.