Different Types of Floor TileAs is the case with any job or industry, when you spend so much time in the thick of it, you not only become enamoured with the materials with which you work, but it also becomes very turnkey and second nature. The Australian Heritage Homes team has noticed this about a lot of elements to building your dream home. It doesn’t detract from the passion that we have for what we do – rather, it’s tough to find ways to surprise us. We took a beat recently to realize this. Where it’s most important is the notion that we still want to surprise and delight our customers – we want to inspire and motivate you so that long after our work is done, you still want to get after your own projects.

Equally as necessary to point out is the number of questions that we get about certain elements of your home, and today’s subject is certainly a popular one. We’re talking about floor tiles… you know, you walk on them every day, but they can be so creative, fun and special. They can be all manner of colours and shapes and styles and even textures. Let’s dig in:


Ceramic tile is more common but still very beautiful. In fact, it’s more prevalent because you can use it in so many different ways. Experts from stores like The Home Depot tout their durability so that they can be used in just about every room in the house… while still remaining on budget. Just make sure that you aim for a clean and finished look – as well as do your homework to discern if you’re looking for a glazed or unglazed finished look… heads up – there are no wrong answers here.


Porcelain tiles are another variety that you’ll probably run into immediately, maybe some examples are even coming to mind right now. When you’re working with porcelain tiles, you’re already a step in the right direction if you want the look of materials like brick, stone or wood… but you don’t have the time or resources to maintain them. It can be used both inside and outside, great if you’re trying to merge both of your aesthetics.


They’ve been around for a while – since the 19th century in fact, but they’re having a bit of a heyday recently. They’re versatile for all sorts of styles of home, and you can find them in pretty much every sort of colour or pattern.


We’re breaking away from the theme of today’s post, but just for a moment, because glass tile can be so beautiful in all sorts of applications throughout your home. It’s stain-resistant – those fancy dinners or expensive wine messes can be gone in a flash. Because it is, after all, glass, you probably want to focus on small areas of your floor, furniture or even a backsplash in the kitchen, so you don’t have to worry about any sorts of dings or chips.

Questions? Let the AHH team know. Happy tiling!