Holiday Homes 101Who has been so excited that it’s time to start exploring holiday homes? We’re all raising our hands here at Australian Heritage Homes. But we’re raising our hands for different reasons. Some of us are excited to rent out our homes, some of us are excited to look for them, and some of us are simply very much behind-the-ball, looking to determine last-minute solutions. Well, readers, you came to the right place. As experts in the home construction, design, etc. business, the Australian Heritage Homes team continues to pride ourselves on the advice that we give you. And that’s what we’ll do today:

So, you’re saying that you’d like to look for a home: Airbnb and VRBO are our favourites, but it also doesn’t hurt to ask friends, family, and members of the community. Chances are good that they’re looking to travel or at least escape for a bit as well. If you’re working with one of the main holiday stay services, just ensure that you’re not immediately depending on their grace and that they’re following the rules. As they allow, reach out to the owner of the home, and ask all of the questions that you normally would – when can we check in? pets? amenities in good shape? do you have recommendations around the area? Don’t feel uncomfortable asking these questions. They should, if not must, know the answers and that can serve as the perfect red flag if they don’t. Also, determine if and how they want you to pay – half now and half on arrival? All now? Just know what you’re comfortable with.

So, you’re saying that you’re leaving and wondering how to leave your home: We know, it can be tricky and stressful, and it shouldn’t be. Working so closely with homes, you should hear the water-cooler talk about the number of times that some of us have gone down to our cars multiple times and still needed to go back and check on things. Let’s eliminate that for you, shall we? Put together a brief checklist that you have right by your front door with all of the things that you want to ensure are completed prior to you locking the front door. Popular items include anything to do with pets if it’s a short/day-stay away, unplugging all of the items that you may be worried about if you have any sort of security system – making sure that it’s on and anything else that you know would bother you the second you got in the car or left the premises. This short checklist will help alleviate any stress.

So, you’re saying that you still want to book a last-minute vacation. Hey, we’ve been there. And there is an abundance of resources that you can take advantage of. Some of our favourites include (especially as we most likely need to remain as local as possible): Wotif, Enchanting Travels if you’re trying to treat you and yours, and Jetstar. You can’t go wrong with any of the above.

Best of wishes on a successful holiday season!