Ringwood North ResaleAs many of our return Australian Heritage Homes blog readers know, Ringwood North is a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, between Loughnan, Warrandyte and Wonga Roads on the south, Glenvale Road west into the south, Warrandyte-Ringwood west into north and then the other boundaries more property lines.

It’s a beautiful area; it has its own shopping centre, and also caters to those who appreciate parklands that aren’t particularly rural. Bonus for those that love football – it’s also home to the North Ringwood Saints, a competing team in the Eastern Football League.

It’s a hilly area, and though the AHH team is no stranger to building on all sorts of terrain, this is a great example of where we’ve gone the extra mile to ensure that our customer’s home was levelled, built to their expectations and now – on the market.

The median house sale in Ringwood North is 1.1M. Yet, this particular home that we designed and constructed is on the market for well over the asking price. We ran into terrain and site conditions and foundation issues, based on the area; in fact, the owners’ home had to be built on a very challenging block of land, due to a steep 3-meter vertical drop cross-block. Five bedrooms and more than 600 square metres, it’s the perfect example of the pay-off that our work can contribute to the timeless value of any home that our team works on.

And why is that? Well, we look at the foundation first and foremost. We want to ensure the structural durability of any project that we work on so that you’re not having to go down the rabbit hole of one-off projects that can hit your wallet very hard. This is simply a process of surveying with the experts on our team and with our partners in the industry, especially in hilly areas, making the right recommendation and taking the time to do it right.

This tends to be of less excitement to many of our customers, as long as there are no errors. They get excited once we’re above ground and the home really starts to take shape. As you can see from the photos, we spare no minute of the day to ensure that we’re listening to our customers and shifting as they see fit. This was certainly a more modern look and that brings us to our next point as we head inside… finishes.

Ringwood North period heritage home

Finishes, fixtures, every element of internal (and external design) is a labour of love. You will certainly work with companies who give you limited options. That’s not the AHH way. In fact, we veer the other direction and want to impress upon you the importance of the conversations that we have in crafting your dream home. It’s almost embarrassing how much information and knowledge we have about the different types of materials on the market, but that just means that we can show you different marbles side-by-side and ensure that you have the emotional reaction where we know that you’ll be as excited about your home as possible.

In summary, we want to emphasize the care an AHH home has compared to other homes on the market, how building with a quality custom builder like AHH is a good investment, and can positively contribute to both your lifestyle and to your wallet.