While some homeowners want to build their dream house from scratch, many consider an older home worthy of the effort of doing an expert renovation or restoration. These properties can range from an industrial loft to a Victorian mansion.

For a property that is unique and offers a legacy of intrinsic value, a heritage home is a perfect choice for you.

What is a Heritage Home?

A heritage home is an officially recognized property valued for its cultural importance and registered as a heritage site by qualified institutions.

When designating the title of a heritage property, municipalities do expert evaluations with the help of specially trained historians. If a house proves to have a cultural value that preserves historical attributes relevant to its era, the government will register it as a heritage home.

Here are four of the most prestigious heritage homes around the world.

The Biltmore Estate: Asheville, North Carolina US

The Biltmore Estate, an imposing large mansion in Asheville, NC, is the largest privately owned house in the US. The construction was ordered by owner George Washington Vanderbilt II, a member of a prominent family of great wealth.

The workers built a woodwork factory, a brick kiln on-site, and a three-mile railroad to transport construction materials for the 250-room mansion. Architect Richard Morris Hunt took inspiration from French Renaissance châteaux for the impressively decorated building.

Villa Majorelle: Nancy, France

A veritable jewel of the Art Nouveau style, the Villa Majorelle was a project of industrialist, cabinetmaker, and ornamental metalworker Louis Majorelle. Designed by Henri Sauvage, the two-story house was declared a historical monument in 1975 and is now under the care of the Nancy municipality.

Green Gables: Cavendish, PEI Canada

This gorgeous provincial property on Prince Edward Island, Canada, is a historical home depicting 19th-century farm life. Its deep green roofing and timber shutters contrast with the simple, white walls, making Green Gables stand out against the scenery.

The home was owned by author Lucy Maud Montgomery’s family and served as inspiration for the book Anne of Green Gables. After becoming a historical site, Green Gables was renovated to resemble the fictional residency even more, and today it serves as a museum.

Beleura House: Mornington, Australia

A gem in the Southwest Victoria scenery, the Beleura House still dominates the view since its construction in 1864. The home was designed by Joseph Reed and built by James Butchart, known as the wealthiest man in the colony of Victoria at the time.

The estate is surrounded by twelve acres of pleasure gardens and features many original decorations and furniture from the era. Today, it serves as a theatre and concert hall, hosting many highly acclaimed musicians and artists.

Owning a Heritage Home in Australia

If you dream about owning a heritage home in Australia, it is important that you choose your renovation team carefully. Our team of expert period home builders at Australian Heritage Homes is ready to tackle any exciting historical project, bringing these gems back to life. Contact us today and let us help you create your dream home!