What are Ceiling Medallions and How to Use Them in Home DesignAs a homeowner, you have the freedom to design your home as you see fit. To achieve the maximum aesthetic appeal, any home should have a cohesive style, even if you want to achieve a unique look.

Sometimes, the tiniest details give the ideal impact on the feel and look of your rooms. Adding a chandelier or a theme wall can be a great final touch that often completes a room. In this post, we explore how one such small detail can change the focus of a room through the use of an eye-catching design element: ceiling medallions.

What is a Ceiling Medallion?

A ceiling medallion is a decorative moulding element added where the light fixture is attached to the ceiling. Plasterwork like ceiling medallions, cornices, or coving was often present in Victorian houses, contributing to the luxurious, elegant interior furnishings and finishes.

The purpose of a ceiling medallion was to mask the dirt and staining left by candles and oil lamps used in chandeliers and lamps. The plaster medallion can still be functional by hiding the electric box in modern light fixtures.

A ceiling medallion is commonly round with intricate decorations and motifs. It can be painted the same colour as the ceiling or a different one that contrasts with the rest of the surface.

Medallion Materials

A century ago, manufacturers made ceiling medallions from plaster or papier-mâché. Plaster is a heavy material and not the easiest to mass-produce. The second choice would be too fragile for today’s homes.

Modern ceiling medallions and other decorative mouldings use polyurethane, plastic, fibreglass, or classic wood. The material choice can depend on factors such as your preferred architectural style and your budget.

Can Ceiling Medallions Be Custom Made?

The easiest way to get a ceiling medallion for your home is to purchase a ready-made model. However, if you have a particular vision about what your moulding should look like, a custom medallion can adapt perfectly to your concept and space.

Ceiling Medallions and Light Fixtures

Since ceiling medallions are designed to complement a light fixture, you should plan them together. As a good rule, the ceiling medallion should have the same diameter as the light fixture. More so, you want their style and design to match or complement each other. An ultra-modern light fixture would look awkward paired with a highly decorated Victorian ceiling medallion.

Working with Expert Period Home Builders

With any period or heritage home project, you should always consider working with expert period home builders. Such projects can often be more complicated than regular construction projects, making them difficult for the average homeowner to take on by themselves.

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