4 Memorable Doors from Around the WorldOne of the first few things you notice when looking at a building’s facade is its entryway, the front door that opens up the inside of a home to the rest of the world. A well-thought architectural design for a home often includes a front entrance that ties all the different elements of the building together while standing out on its own. Because of that, the main door of any home or building is truly one of the hallmarks of its design.

In this post, we take a look at some of the most memorable doors from around the world, with the goal of hopefully inspiring you to take your own doors to the next level.

Largest Doors in the World: NASA Vehicle Assembly Building, Florida, U.S.A.

We start with the tallest doors in the world, which belong to the Vehicle Assembly Building at NASA Kennedy Space Center in Florida, U.S.A.

Each of these giant doors is 456 feet high, allowing the complete assembly and transportation of space rockets. The rockets are built vertically and rolled out through the immense doors to their launch pad. The building is made of concrete and steel, with giant steel doors. The doors are so massive that it takes about 45 minutes to fully open or close.

Sculpt(IT) Town House, Antwerp, Belgium

One of the most striking examples of a dramatic front entrance is the Sculpt(It) townhouse in Antwerp. The Belgian studio, Sculpt(IT), a daring and creative team with a truly grandiose vision, owns the design concept for this lovely home.

The front entry of the Sculpt(IT) townhouse features two massive glass doors that pivot, opening up a two-story-high gate towards the nature around. These 3 by 6-meter structures are made of steel and glass and weigh almost 4 tonnes.

Frederick C Robie House, Illinois, U.S.A.

The Robie house in Illinois gave birth to a new form of local, pure American design, the Prairie style. The idea behind this architectural gem belongs to one of the best-known American architects, Frank Lloyd Wright.

What makes this design unique is the rectangular sections sliding over each other, spreading more horizontally than upwards. Tucked beneath these sections in a very secretive manner, you will find a beautifully built main entrance. The large set of double doors is framed in black and features an inset of intricately decorated etched glass.

The Holy Door, St Peter’s Basilica, Vatican City

Another prime example of memorable front doors is the entrance to the Papal basilicas of Rome. Four holy doors form part of the building and are ceremoniously sealed with cement and mortar. On special occasions determined by the Pope, the doors open to welcome pilgrims onto the holy grounds.

The holy doors are made of crafted, ornate 16-paned bronze, replacing the original wooden ones in 1950.

Custom Doors and More

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Image Source: Architect Magazine