A Beginner’s Guide to Gable WindowsWindows are essential structures in every home that facilitate the entry of natural light and fresh air indoors. They have been present in architecture since the oldest constructions because air and natural light are naturally required for comfort when surrounded by walls.

Another crucial role of windows is to balance and complete the architectural style of the building. Structural elements such as peaked roofs and gables are ideal for enhancing certain aspects of your home and achieving a unitarian look.

What is a Gable?

Gables are the wall portion between the two slopes of a pitched roof. They comprise the triangular wall area that may be oriented forward or to the sides, depending on the building style. In most cases, a gable wall can be viewed from the front of the house and has a distinctly styled window.

This A-shaped wall portion holds the weight of the roof, distributing it across the entire base. It also has the role of waterproofing the rooms underneath the roof. It either extends the walls above or carries the roofing outwards.

Where the Term Gable Came From

The word gable comes from old French and means facade or front. The gable wall of a home is usually on the front of the house, but some architectural styles incorporate them on the sides. The latter is a style typical of Italian architecture and was quite popular during the late Renaissance.

Front-gabled buildings are typical for German and Gothic architecture, with added pinnacles for extra height. Many American period homes also have front gables.

The Benefits of Adding a Gable Window

Here are some reasons as to why you should consider adding a gable window to your home:

  • Gables allow more light to enter your home, giving it a warmer ambience.
  • They can the look of your home, balancing the facade with a better wall-to-window area ratio.
  • A gable window also gives you a nice view from the inside of your home.

Styles of Gable Windows

As with regular windows, gable windows also come in different styles. You can choose a design that will fit the rest of the architectural style of your home and use modern technologies to increase energy efficiency and security.

Some primary examples of gable window styles include:

  • Circular: a very chic choice for many house styles, this can add a highly decorative element to your facade.
  • Triangular: Angular gable windows follow the slope of your roof and allow the most light inside.
  • Arched: Choose arched gable windows if you have arched windows on the rest of the house to achieve a homogeneous look.
  • Square or rectangular: Fit for modern, more minimalistic homes, this style of gable window can have a single panel or multiple framed ones for a traditional look.

Custom Gables and More

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