Taking Care of Really Large HomesIt’s funny, you don’t read about really large homes as much these days. There is so much conversation around conserving energy, limiting your carbon footprint, and even spotlighting lifestyles like those that live in Tiny Homes. We support all of the above at Australian Heritage Homes – don’t get us wrong – but we know that not everyone follows these practices. Some work their entire lives to be able to afford the home of their dreams, and frequently, that’s one that comes with a lot of square footage. To you, we say, “congrats!” and then we say, “we’re here to answer any questions that you may have about taking care of your new abode!”

The Australian Heritage Homes team loves answering your questions, no matter what they may be, but in today’s post, we’re answering the questions about taking care of larger homes. Read on for more information (Q&A style):

How often do you need to update your landscaping?

A: It’s actually not as often as you’d think. In fact, experts say that you should update your landscaping every five to ten years. That’s not to say that you can’t do it more frequently – landscaping should be fun, a way to express creativity in relation to your property or showcase your favourite plants and flowers. A big piece of this is what needs you may have grown out of, like a children’s play area or a sports court that hasn’t seen any use in years. These are prime pieces of your property that can easily be used for other things.

Should I update my landscaping in spring or fall?

A: This one has a definitive answer – fall, well for us… spring (so maybe not so definitive). This gives all of your plants the proper amount of time to prepare for productive growth once the sun and warm weather come back around in the spring. You’re saving yourself (and your plants) the headaches of acclimating, surviving and thriving with a limited window of time.

Is it worth it to invest in more expensive materials when it comes to large homes?

A: Yes, it absolutely is, and we’ll tell you why. There will always be something (if not multiple things) that need(s) to be fixed. Think about things like a treehouse in the backyard or siding for the house – this isn’t wood that you want to pinch pennies on. You’re saving yourself time, energy and ultimately money when you spend the extra amount up front, otherwise, you’ll just be pouring money into these repairs over time.

Should I look into perimeter security?

A: Again, yes, this is a solid investment. The larger the property that you own, the less likely you’ll be able to survey it in its entirety. Even something as simple as a solid alarm system will allow you to feel much safer and more comfortable in your own home.

Questions? Let us know. The Australian Heritage Homes team is here to help.