July Home NewsIn many parts of the world, specifically in the Northern hemisphere, right about now everyone would be singing the praises of warmer weather. That’s not quite the case down here or around Australia – we actually look forward to these months as those that cool off our neighbourhoods and help us look forward to the far-off warmer weather. We drink hot cocoa; we slide down snowy hills, and we certainly winterize our homes. There are many ways to do this, and they change all of the time. Updating our homes changes all of the time and that’s why you should always return to the Australian Heritage Homes blog and learn – month-over-month – exactly how to care for your home. Don’t worry, our team has done the homework. Read on for our favourite finds from this month to ensure that you’re safe, comfortable and happy:

Interior Ideas: Steps For Building Your Dream Home

We get two different kinds of customers, and we value them both very much. Some look at the exterior of your current or future home and that’s all that they can focus on. Conversely, some look at the interior of your home and that’s all that they can see. If you were to ask us, we’d say that having a balance of the two in your planning mind is ideal, but we work with all sorts of customers. If you’re someone who is all about the interior of your home, then this article is most definitely for you. Tips include ‘Floor planning’, knowing that you have ways to maximize the space currently existing and also making it as luxurious as possible. Check out this link for more details in this space (pun intended) and others.

A Personality Test That Reveals Where Should You Build Your Dream Home

If you’re looking for a giggle or at least a smile, then this article is certainly for you. We’re sure that you’ve noticed more and more tests and quizzes across the internet – especially throughout the pandemic – that can basically analyze you and make all sorts of decisions for you. As you may or may not know (or have experienced), where you live falls squarely in that confusing category. So, why shouldn’t you have a quiz that answers this mystifying question for you? We can’t think of a reason, and neither can this article, so you should definitely check it out to determine exactly where you should live. Spoiler – it may not be where you think. Visit here to potentially choose exactly how and where you spend your next chapter of life!

If You Can’t Find the House You Want, Should You Just Build It?

To build? To buy? To build? To buy? We’re sorry, but the Australian Heritage Homes team can’t quite make such a life-defining decision for you. We will help out by saying that both have benefits and will make you happy in very different ways. It simply depends on what you’re looking for. As this article shares, “we’re in a sellers’ market and homes are in a short supply”. But that doesn’t mean that you should rush into anything. Rather, it means that you should call up the experts for advice. Here’s the article, but we also recommend that you call up our team for advice.