May Home News

May Home NewsIt’s hard to believe that it’s May already, isn’t it? Granted, this year hasn’t been quite as similar to those previous, but time is flying by for most nonetheless. There are good elements to that (COVID-19, go away!), but there are also pieces of us that wish that time would slow down slightly. We get so caught up in the work that we do with each other and our lives at home that sometimes it’s hard to stop and smell the roses – or whatever you’d like to smell right now. Well, there are things that won’t stop or change and one of those is Australian Heritage Homes’ monthly round-up of what we’re enjoying and learning from on the World Wide Web. Yes, our core expertise is bringing the design and construction of your dream home to life, but our expanded expertise includes soft skills like a continued passion to always, always, always learn. The most popular colour in door paint these days? Yeah, we’re looking into it. How far out you should landscape your yard before it becomes overwhelming? Fully in our wheelhouse. Try and stump us, we dare you. In the interim, here is a compilation of articles in the home news realm that we think you’ll find engaging and entertaining.

Construction Industry Super Fund Primed to Invest $2.5bn When Australia’s Lockdowns Ease

For those that work in the construction industry, this one is for you… we’re betting that you (and all of us for that matter) could do with some good news as of late. Well as far as dollars go, the country is looking to invest upwards to $2.5 billion when lockdowns cease to ensure that the construction industry gets back to work… and fast. The fund supplying is run by unions and businesses alike, all with the same goal, let’s continue to build the country and the businesses and careers of those in support of our construction infrastructure. Check out this link for more information.

Experts Predict the Future of Gardening, Landscaping

In times like this, it’s been interesting to hypothesize about what the future – or “new normal” – will look like. Sometimes that’s a scary game, but more often than not, it’s an inspiring one. Believe it or not, there have been silver linings with this global pandemic and one of them is thinking through the ways that we can improve as an economy and a generation in the future. Landscaping and agriculture in general obviously play heavily into this. Does 100 years from now mean fewer plants? Does it mean a change in sharecropping? Do we as a planet invest in solar power? Or do we go the opposite direction? It’s anyone’s bet, but this is an interesting article with a very positive point of view about what the world could look like in upcoming days. Click here if you want to learn more.

10 Things You Should Get Rid of to Create a More Peaceful Space

Finally, let’s head inside. Who doesn’t want more peace these days? We know that we do. Well, there are definitely short and sweet tricks so that your most immediate surroundings support this. We’re talking about your home and this article as your partner-in-crime. The common theme is to get rid of things – a la Marie Kondo – and reap the emotional and physical benefits. Read this article if this sounds up your alley.