period home ringwood north australian heritage homesWhen you drive down the street, period homes are probably the first thing to draw your eye. This is partly due to their increased rarity in today’s architecture landscape, but it’s also because they’re so striking and unique. They tell the stories of generations past, giving them a new dynamic of heart and soul. Though the Australian Heritage Homes team is dedicated to and passionate about building your next dream home, we’re greatly inspired and motivated by homes of previous generations. They really dictate design trends and it’s special to see the evolution of architecture.

There are many benefits to buying period homes. Although this may surprise you, they tend to be more structurally sound. They’re built on stronger foundations than many of the homes of today. They’re also more durable, thanks to the different materials that were readily available when they were built. Additionally, they can return a much higher selling value if they’re properly maintained. People invest a lot of money in period homes because they’re rarer.

Frank Valentic, a buyers’ advocate on The Block reinforces this. According to him, if you take two homes in the same neighbourhood, the period home will fetch far more value than the more modern home.

So why do people invest this way? Many do it for the love of the details. The curved windows in art deco apartments are a big draw for some and the pressed metal ceilings in older Edwardian style homes can be equally alluring. Details on the walls or the ceiling can be a huge deal-breaker for someone familiar with that architectural style.

Some of these details can even be functional. Think about the popularity of built-ins. They provide exponentially more storage than homes without and serve as a popular calling card for architectural styles like the Craftsman.

Others do it as history buffs. Look at the steady popularity of Victorian-style homes. The Victorian era was prolific, a period of both political peace and engineering innovation. Who wouldn’t want to live in a home that embodies that era?

It’s important to note why certain styles of homes are named for periods of time. They’re each an interpretation of the time period, spanning at least 20 years. There’s no strict singular style of home, as the design evolves over time. Frequently, the design integrates inspirations from other countries and cultures, like Asia and the Middle East. Each time period has a personality and very distinct features that set it apart from other architectural styles.

As previously mentioned, the Australian Heritage Homes team is dedicated to building your next dream home. That can take any style that you prefer. Ready to go? Feel free to give us a shout. We’d love to hear from you and help bring your vision to life. We’re also on hand to answer any questions that you may have. We believe that when we empower our valued customers with knowledge, we’re setting you up for success and maximizing your creativity.