that awkward space, kitchen cabinetsThere are many spaces throughout your home that probably seem a little bit redundant. They’re an afterthought for decorating, but they’re also a gaping hole in your otherwise perfect plan. What do you put there? How do you clean it? They’re the architectural question marks of interior design. Luckily for you, the Australian Heritage Homes team is well-versed in all things redundant space-related. In our tenure in the business, we’ve had countless conversations with customers that run the gamut. We thought that there would be significant value in kicking off a series of posts targeting these question marks. Many of you reaching out have targeted a specific area, so today- we’re going to focus on that void between your kitchen cabinets in the ceiling.

We’re sure that many of you are shaking your heads in acknowledgement and understanding. That’s RIGHT, what DO I do with that space? Read on:


This is prime real estate for the art of all shapes and sizes. We’ve even heard the term “gallery loft”. It’s out of the way of children with potentially sticky fingers, and it won’t fall off of the wall if it’s properly placed. Just make sure that you’re checking in from time to time so that it doesn’t gather dust.


You’ve seen chalkboard paint. This is the ideal place for it. Whether you’re adding your shopping list, your to-do’s for the day, giving some love to your family or roommates, or simply doodling, this will take you out of your element and also put important information in your direct line of sight. You can either take down the chalkboards to update or carefully climb up whenever you need to make a change.


You’ve probably seen this a time or two, but it works because it makes so much sense. You want your literature to be accessible, but not so in your face that you’re forced to pick up a book every time that you walk by. On top of your kitchen cabinets is ideal because it’s tidy and provides a unique aesthetic that will be a topic of conversation for all of your visitors.


Do you know those single letters that you can buy at art stores and hardware stores? Check out the picture below if these aren’t ringing a bell. These are great pieces to incorporate to your interior design scheme. They can spell out your first or family name, they can spell out a value that you hold close to your heart or a team that you love to cheer on. Regardless, they can easily perch on the top of kitchen cabinets and provide a great pop of colour and style to the room that you’re in.


We just mentioned pops of colour, and we’re huge fans at Australian Heritage Homes. If the letters aren’t your thing, maybe you should explore using paint as a backsplash. You can also look into tiles or brainstorm a whole new material to integrate. The goal is simply to create a contrasting look, and as a result, make your space look larger and more exciting.