Choosing a Construction Grade Custom or Builder GradeBuilding a new home is a huge milestone in life for many people. Such a project involves a lot of time and money, and any future homeowner wants to see their dream house become a reality. Many owners often feel overwhelmed with all the decision-making they have to handle, aside from dealing with contractors and various specialists.

Between the costs and their needs, homeowners often face difficult choices. One common question posed by many homeowners is whether they should opt for custom or builder-grade materials. In this post, we examine the differences between the two.

What is Builder’s Grade?

Construction grades apply to various elements, from windows and doors to roofing and gutter systems. There are a few different grades to consider. Builder grade refers to materials and pre-manufactured elements with no additional features but the standard qualities required to perform their function. They are made of cheaper materials and come in basic sizes and finishes.

Builder-grade materials and elements can be the best choice in cases where budget is limited, and you can always upgrade to premium or custom-grade in 10-15 years.

Builder’s Grade Benefits

  • Builder-grade materials are readily available, helping the project move faster.
  • Builder-grade materials are very affordable.
  • Builder-grade finishes are often hard to spot when compared to more premium materials, especially with small fixtures such as drawer pulls.

Customize Your World

Unlike builder-grade elements, custom-made fixtures have distinct features. They are personalised to fit your architectural style and functional requirements perfectly. For example, builder-grade windows have cheaper framing, standard shape and dimensions, and ordinary glass. Custom windows offer options like UV filters, energy-saving film, tint, mirrored-effect, unique shapes, and custom sizes.

Custom products will take longer to be available and will cost significantly more. However, they are a better investment in the long term because they will last for decades, contributing to your home’s aesthetics and energy efficiency while adding value to your property.

Customized Benefits

  • Custom materials have higher quality and will last much longer than standard ones.
  • With custom-grade, you get the exact features and specifications you request. This means you don’t have to compromise on style or vision.
  • Custom-grade elements come in many styles, colour palettes, textures, and shapes. You can be innovative and creative or recreate a classic or traditional look with personal touches.

Talk to the Experts

It is not easy to choose between different construction grades. But, with the correct information, you will know the advantages of each building grade and what would suit you best.

Ask your contractor and suppliers about different grades and see which would be better for your home. Sometimes, there is no need to go with custom if your priority is to build your home fast and with no extra costs. Or, you may want to choose custom elements for your comfort or a specific look you pursue.

If you have any questions regarding construction grades and custom homes, contact Australian Heritage Homes today, the premier custom home builders in Melbourne and the surrounding area.