Upgrading Your Period Homes Aesthetic with Artistic DisplaysArt is a form of expression that can be found in every culture across the globe. While the styles and inspirations for art may differ from one geographical location to another, the underlying emotions and feelings that can be expressed through art are often universal. Because of its appeal, showcasing art in your home can enable you to upgrade its aesthetic. In this post, we take a closer look at some of the artistic displays you can consider installing at home.

Understanding the Impact of Artistic Displays

Artistic displays are one of the best ways that you can personalise your home’s interior. By choosing pieces of art that appeal to you, you can highlight your personal style and let it shine through. Furthermore, artistic displays can also be a great conversation start, especially if you have friends or family over as guests. With how diverse art can be, you are also guaranteed to be able to find something that suits your personal tastes and preferences.

Finding the Perfect Art for Period Homes

If you stay in a period home, there are some additional considerations that you might want to take into account when selecting the art that you want to showcase. For the best visual effect, choose artistic displays that complement the architectural style of your period home.

To help you choose the most suitable art for your home, consider the different art movements and styles that were prevalent during the period that your home was modelled after. Some of the more popular period aesthetics include the Renaissance, Art Nouveau and Victorian aesthetics. You are also not constrained to just paintings, and you can feel free to showcase tapestries, sculptures and other types of artistic displays that resonate with your home’s architectural style.

Placement and Display Techniques to Best Showcase Art

Other key points to consider when showcasing your artistic displays are the best placement and display techniques. Different types of art will benefit the most from different display techniques. For example, sculptures might be best displayed as statement pieces that draw the attention of a person when they first step into a room. At the same time, ensure that you have the appropriate lighting to highlight the features of your artistic displays.

Sourcing for Period Appropriate Art

Finding the right piece of art that best showcases your style and personality might not be the easiest task, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the process. For starters, consider visiting local art galleries and talking to the custodians to find out more about the art scene in your area. Garage sales may also be another good place to find hidden gems, especially if you know where to look.

Living in the Home of Your Dreams

If you’ve always wanted to live in a period home, Australian Heritage Homes can help. Our team of expert home builders has decades of experience in designing and building heritage homes, period homes and other styles of custom homes for our clients. Contact us today for a free consultation!