How the Right Fireplace Mantel Finishes a RoomGathering around a fireplace with your family and friends can create an unforgettable atmosphere of warmth and familiarity. Having the right mantel to frame this signature design feature is the perfect way to complete the space. Fireplace mantels can come in many different styles and materials, so let us guide you through a few of the most popular choices in this blog.

What is a Mantel?

The mantel of a fireplace is the framing that gives the area its distinct look, making it blend in with the rest of the interior design. It also serves a practical purpose, as you can use its shelving to display various items.

Mantel or Mantelpiece?

Mantels are part of a room’s architecture, creating a cohesive design and integrating the fireplace perfectly into the style of the room. They are different from mantelpieces. Mantelpieces are typically simple shelf units on the wall or around the fireplace. While it does add storage space and visual appeal, a mantel is much more impactful.

Different Types of Mantels

A fireplace mantel can be made of diverse materials, from stone to wood or brick. Its material and architectural style should match the dominant look of your home, whether it’s a modern or heritage home.

When installing a mantel, you determine the mantel’s size by measuring the fireplace’s dimensions and the fireplace surround. You should only reserve a wide mantel for large rooms.

Stone Mantels

Stone has an unmatched beauty when it comes to masonry. Stone is also ideal because of its fire-resistant property. A stone fireplace mantel immediately draws the eye of your visitors, making a beautiful style statement. The stone you can use for a fireplace mantel comes in countless variants. Some popular options include:

  • Marble: comes in different colours and patterns and lasts for a lifetime.
  • Limestone: gives a warm look to any room, protecting the surrounding area from heat damage.
  • Granite: incredibly sturdy and durable and has an unmistakable natural beauty.

Antique Mantels

An antique mantel is perfect if you want a unique piece for your fireplace. The price range for antique mantels is widely varied as their value depends on many factors like age, condition, history, and material. Installing an antique mantel usually requires a professional, so it’s best to hire an experience period home builder to help.

Wood Mantels

Wood mantels are classic, elegant, and luxurious. The qualities of the wood make it easy to work with and install. Wood can be polished, stained, and carved to create intricate decorative elements, and it can perfectly fit a rustic, rugged look.

Cast Stone Mantels

Cast stone is lighter and less costly than actual stone while still bringing the natural, rugged look of natural stone to your home. Ground stone is bound with cement and fibreglass and cast into perfectly fitting moulds. It’s a fabulous option for highly customized fireplaces.

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