Plant Life at HomeThere are so many benefits to plant life. In the most basic of explanations, they’re enjoyable to look at, they can provide more health benefits than you realize and they can add value to your home. You’re probably thinking, “how can a series of succulents or a potted plant or two possibly do that much good?” We get it; in the greater scheme of things, there are far bigger things to plan for your next dream home. Don’t worry, we’ll take care of them all. As aforementioned, some are really big chores to take on – things like window style, fixtures, floor materials and more. But we pride ourselves on taking care of those things in a swift and seamless fashion, reminding you that designing and constructing your home is supposed to be fun and exciting! For a big part of our clientele that only starts to kick in once the home starts to take shape and they get to start adding their own enhancements. Enter, plants.

Here are the high-level, scientifically proven benefits:

  • They boost your mood significantly, maximizing creativity, productivity and concentration.
  • Conversely, they reduce fatigue, remove stress and can even tackle colds and sore throat maladies.
  • By absorbing toxins in the air, producing oxygen and increasing humidity, plants can help clean the air inside your home.

And tongue in cheek… with their therapeutic nature, plants can be significantly more cost-effective than therapy.

Which plants do you choose? All of the below are air-purifying plants:

Snake Plant

The snake plant is no-fuss, so if you’re someone who likes low-maintenance additions to the property, look no further. It’s a tropical plant with thin and upright leaves. Its irregular banding makes it a unique addition to your household, with a strong resemblance to the skin of a reptile. Not that we’re hoping this happens to anyone anytime soon, but if there is a drought on the horizon, the snake plant will do just fine.


Prospective plant purchasers can be easily deterred by what experts call “the brown thumb” or less than optimal environmental conditions tend to gravitate towards plants like the pothos. The pothos has long trailing vines – they can reach more than 10 feet. As with most of our air purifying plant recommendations, the pothos will filter toluene, xylene, formaldehyde and benzene right out of your immediate spaces.

Rubber Plant

The rubber plant is a popular houseplant no matter what size or shape of household you have. It hails from the ficus family with famously glossy and oversized leaves. Did you know that these leaves can store water if a drought occurs? (We swear, we’re not aware of any upcoming droughts).

Plants and foliage are just a couple of elements of what can really turn your current or prospective home into not only one that’s safe and comfortable (that’s a no-brainer for AHH), but more importantly, one that’s a good decision for you. Questions? Reach out to our team. We’d love to talk to you.