Why Us?

Personal Service – we listen to you. We understand your needs and respect your budget, we get that it’s not easy building your dream home, and we promise we will work with you and will hold your hand through the whole project.
Superior quality and longevity of your home – When investing in your dream home, you want it to not only look good but also last a lifetime. We guarantee the quality of our work and our attention to detail is the best: all our homes are built to maintain their superior quality and finish decades longer than standard homes.
Deal directly with the owner/builder – no salespeople, carpenters or intermediates. Renay’s 30 years of experience building high quality exclusive homes gives him the expertise to deal with every detail of your new home from start to finish: all your preliminary discussions, house design, specific selections, variations and requests, calculations and quotations without any middle-men.
Better value for money – without salespeople and middle-men to pay, our overheads are very low… so your money goes straight into your home instead of into others’ pockets.
Lower prices – our savings are passed onto our clients, so for the same quality of home you would get with other builders, you pay less with us – or for the same price as with other builders, you get a superior home. You can have a custom-built home for the same price as an off-the-plan house!
Thorough, personal and friendly service – we make sure you are totally looked after… most of our clients become friends for life!
Superior service – every client is treated with honesty and respect, all needs and budgets are addressed to optimise the best quality and most economic dwelling.
Tailored service – everything from construction only, from your own plan, to a full service including design, construction and landscaping… whatever your needs!
A family-run business with a family focus – all our tradesmen are in the family, and we pride ourselves in building dream custom homes the way we would want them built for our own family. We monitor each and every aspect of the build to ensure works are completed to the highest standards. Your home will be a home you are proud of for decades to come.

It’s easy to get started:

Step 1

Call us on 0418 355 073 to arrange a meeting at your land or your current home.

We discuss your general requirements for the proposed new home, including number of bedrooms, size of the dwelling, type of construction, special features and how best to utilise your block.

We will then provide you with a preliminary, 100% obligation free cost estimate.

Step 2

If you decide the estimate is acceptable and would like to proceed further, then an initial deposit of $3,000 is paid to us (Note: if contracts are signed and we proceed to build your home, then this deposit is used as part payment of the contract deposit monies.)

Plans are drawn up, site information is obtained, structural design is carried out and a fixed price quotation is provided to you, the owner.

Step 3

Once you confirm the acceptance of Quotation & Plans, Contracts are written up and executed. We then arrange for council permits to begin construction of your new home.


If you have your own Plans, Structural design & Site Information, you can provide them to us and we can discuss your general requirements in the proposed new home. We can then provide a Fixed Price Quotation to the owner. Once the owner (you) confirms acceptance of Plans & Quotation, contracts are written up and executed and we arrange for council permits and begin construction of your home.