November Home NewsIt’s a season of traditions and one of ours at Australian Heritage Homes is compiling our favourite articles related to your property, each month. Here are the best (in our minds) for November:

5 design phases when building your dream home

We all wish that we could snap our fingers and our dream homes would be complete. But how much fun would that be, think about all of the elements of the process that you’d miss out on – and the value of the feeling at the end of the journey, knowing that you’ve participated in building your dream home? We know, you’re thinking about the hard work, the stress, the late nights and the back-and-forths with different contractors; just focus on that huge smile you’ll have on your face when you can finally cross the threshold of your dream home. In order to do so, and to be in the driver’s seat – so to speak – of this work, you’ll want to know about the different design phases and this article is here to help with that.

How to protect yourself from dodgy builders

Many of us – all of us at Australian Heritage Homes – have heard about dodgy contractors and the nightmares that may have ensued after agreeing to work with them or their companies. We try to shy away from upsetting articles in these roundups, but we certainly steer you towards information that will help you avoid any pitfalls. It can seem quite daunting, but there are easy ways to protect yourself, be it financially, emotionally or in rare cases – physically. The number one tip that we’d like to reiterate is that you start your research early and work with those you trust, but you can learn more here.

3 ways to create a dream home for the holidays

And we’ll bring it right back with a happy article – we are heading into the holidays, after all. You may be hosting dozens, or you may be enjoying a cosy evening at home, but there are many different ways to elevate your home, so that it’s not only perfect for get-togethers and family visits but can actually be the best social location all year long. To be fair, this article is for those who are just beginning to embark on the process of building their dream home, but even if you’re just looking for a home renovation project or a change of pace, you’ll definitely learn something from this article.

5 dream house ideas that are worth the investment

Finally, a huge piece of our values is to push ourselves outside our comfort zones and know that there’s always something bigger and better that we can be doing. So, we love to be inspired and that means sharing the homes that are worth the investment. We’re not talking about specific houses here, more so the different elements that can make you happy now, and also make your wallet happy later. Enhancements to the kitchen, workout spaces that are easily adjustable… there are so many options. And you can check them out here.

Check out all of the above and let the AHH team know if you have any questions or need information about our services.