Everybody learns in different ways. Some of us love cracking open a dusty tome and reading for hours on end. Others are probably very jealous of these speed-readers and the amount of information that they can process, from the written word. Our team members learn in a variety of ways, and so do our customers. Variety is the spice of life, right? And when we can learn while sitting on the couch with a snack in front of us, well… let’s just say that some of us are very happy with this method.

We like to call these learners- “visual learners,” and they’re definitely living in an ideal time period. Because instead of driving to your local library, or even taking the time to search the internet for a book on your desired topic, you can switch on the television set, and turn to one of any number of educational channels.

This is particularly true for home renovation news and stories. Each year, another new show lands on your television set, ready to teach you something new about your home or yard. Today’s post capitalizes on this line-up. If you’re interested in home renovation but don’t know where to start, we recommend checking out one of the following television shows:

Fixer Upper: Fixer Upper takes place in Waco, Texas, where a husband and wife team own a remodelling and design business. The business is called Magnolia Homes. Each week they work with a different couple or family, looking for their dream home. The premise is that many of these homes are extremely well-priced, because while they may be in a great neighbourhood- they’re not the prettiest house on the block. The stars of the show help the new homeowners pick one of three “fixer-uppers” (hence the name of the show). Then Chip and Jo go to town, using a pre-determined renovation budget, to bring a vision to life.

Masters of Flip: Masters of Flip stars two protagonists who have had a surprisingly short foray into real estate. In fact, they came from the world of performing and both succeeded as country stars. Now they spend their days, and their time on this television show, embarking on every adventure familiar to home flippers. They make their living flipping houses, purchasing buy and hold properties and purchasing vacation rentals. This show paints a very realistic picture if this is an area that you’re looking to professionally explore.

Flip or Flop: If Masters of Flip piqued your interest, Flip or Flop will probably do the same. Neither of these shows is great for those with high blood pressure, you have been warned. Flip or Flop stars Christina and Tarek El Moussa, who saw great success in real estate and then experienced the downfall of a recession. This show capitalizes on the next chapter of their lives, purchasing properties that are foreclosures, short-sales and bank-owned, investing money to fix them up and then hoping to find an owner.

What are other home renovation shows that you like to watch?