Maximising Storage Space in a Small KitchenFor many property developers and homeowners, the kitchen is one of the first spaces to be shrunk when dealing with space constraints. In urban areas such as Melbourne, space is at a premium, and kitchens are often much smaller in modern times. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on storage space in your kitchen. In this post, we take a closer look at some of the ingenious ways you can maximise your storage space in a small kitchen.


Before you can even go about improving your storage solutions and reorganising your space, you must first start by decluttering. Many homeowners often find that after living in the same home for an extended period of time, the amount of stuff that they own tends to pile up and can take up a lot of space. This leaves them with limited space to store the things that they actually use and need.

When decluttering, do a thorough assessment of what you no longer need. Go through your kitchen to find old appliances, broken tools and even foodstuffs that may be expired or close to expiry. Toss these items out to clear out your kitchen space and get a better idea of how much storage space you actually have that you can now use.

Installing New Cabinets and Drawers

If it has been some time since you last remodelled your kitchen, it may be time for some renovations. You can consider having new space-saving cabinets and drawers installed in your kitchen. Some unique storage solutions that can help you maximise your space include pull-out shelves, lazy Susans and deep drawers.

You can also consider customising your cabinets and drawers to fit your kitchen specifically instead of buying prefabricated, bulk-manufactured drawers and cabinets from furniture stores. Doing so can help you ensure that you are able to utilise every last bit of space in your kitchen effectively.

Make Use of Underutilised Space

If a complete kitchen remodel may be going overboard, you can also consider ways to use the underutilised space in your kitchen. The space under the sink is often one of the most underutilised spaces in a kitchen. You can use this space to store items such as cleaning materials and less frequently used appliances.

At the same time, you can also consider utilising the vertical space in your kitchen if you aren’t already doing so. While cabinets might be excessive, hooks and wall-mounted shelves can offer a sleek way for you to store items without cluttering your kitchen walls.

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