Laundry Rooms 101There are many rooms throughout your home that probably don’t get the love that they deserve. Sure, the living room is glorious and gracious and the place where you most likely lead your guests first. The kitchen is where your family or household gather, hopefully, to eat, drink and celebrate. Obviously, we all have love for the places where we can kick off our shoes at the end of the day, lie down and go to sleep, but our homes are so much more than that. We need to think through the functional areas that empower our day-to-day activities. And one of those… is the area where you do your laundry.

We really need to pay homage to this area; it’s one that ensures that we can still look our best every day and during every activity. It’s one where you throw the clothes that have seen so many adventures throughout the day and forget about them until they return as good as new. But… there are a lot of steps in between those two statuses.

The Australian Heritage Homes team has the dedication to every square centimetre of your property. We hang our hats on our abilities to keep an eagle eye on your homes while we design and construct so that you don’t have to do any homework during the process and do as little maintenance as possible once your home is constructed. So, we know what works and what doesn’t. And in today’s post, we’ll think through what that looks like in the laundry room.

Tips and tricks:

  • You don’t want your laundry room or even a space for the washer and dryer – or even a simple place to clean anything however you can – near bedrooms. It doesn’t matter if you have the quietest system in the world; you’ll inevitably have household members needing to take care of something at an odd hour, and inevitably – it will be the day that you have a huge meeting or commitment. If you’re moving into new construction, or even shopping around, we recommend that you take this into account.
  • Clean your cleaning system. We assume that because our different systems were designed to clean other things, that they take care of themselves. That would be the case in a perfect world, but unfortunately, much of the dust and lint that accumulates over time hangs out here. Just make it a point on a weekly basis, or whenever you do a load of laundry to check the lint trap in your machines, run a washcloth through and over them and check for any smells or mildew. Your clothes will also thank you!
  • Make sure that you have enough room to account for the needs of your household. Your household may be one person and your washing systems tucked away. On the flip side, your home may be many people, all trying to fulfil different cleaning needs. If that’s the case, you certainly want to be cognizant of this. And if you’re growing a family, well…

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