Langwarrin South kit homeThe style we choose for our home should cater to our tastes, preferences and lifestyle. Farmhouses are a classic example of housing that combines pragmatism with the joy of a slower pace of life. In this post, we explore the different aspects of a modern farmhouse floor plan that you might consider for your home.

5 Elements of a Modern Farmhouse Home

Here are some of the most common elements in a farmhouse-style residence:

1. Commonly Two Stories

Farmhouses have large comfortable spaces for the family to gather and relax. Most common layouts feature two stories or one and a half stories, with the kitchen in the back and common areas in the front. You can also place the bedrooms upstairs for more privacy.

2. Large or Wrap-Around Porch

Outdoor time is just as important when relaxing with your loved ones. If you are building a farmhouse, consider adding a wrap-around porch where you can have some fresh air out of the sun’s heat.

3. Expansive Family Gathering Areas

Farmhouse living revolves around family life, and such a layout is ideal for those who have a lot of children or love inviting people over. Gathering areas can include a large dining table, a fireplace serving as a focal point, or a massive kitchen island with seats for guests.

4. Country Style Kitchen

A farmhouse typically has a large, well-equipped area for preparing complex meals. The perfect element to add to your farmhouse kitchen is a large island with storage space, hanging light fixtures and bar stools. Consider having an apron porcelain sink if you want an ultra-classic look.

5. Formal Front Room

Entertaining guests in a hospitable way was typical of families living in the countryside, which is why they had large formal front rooms. Here they would keep the best decorations and furniture and invite the guests to have a seat and enjoy some homemade treats.

Does A Modern Farmhouse Require a Large Lot?

Traditionally, farmhouses were built on vast land slots in the countryside, where a family would have livestock or crop to sustain them. As a result, they were typically larger than the average suburban or city dwelling. But a modern farmhouse can be built a smaller lot of as little as 600 square feet, especially if you opt for a two-story layout.

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Modern Farmhouse Home?

On average, a farmhouse will cost between $200,000 to $500,000 to build, but it will ultimately depend on the finishes you decide on. Finding contractors who have experience working on custom home projects can help you save costs and ensure that your home lasts for decades.

Incremental Value

Building a farmhouse can be a significant investment as it features large spaces and natural materials and requires expertise from contractors. However, this type of home typically increases in value over time, making it a viable investment.

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