Custom Bathroom Ideas: Floating Stone VanityStore-bought furniture and finishes in a house are affordable and functional, but custom additions can often add character to a space. Adding defining features to rooms like the bathroom can create an element of luxury and add personality to the space.

One of the trendiest and most visually appealing ways to decorate your bathroom is by installing a floating stone vanity. This piece of furniture is eye-catching and can add a sense of elegance and openness to your bathroom.

What Is a Vanity?

A vanity is a type of bathroom cabinet within which you can install your bathroom sink and mirror. It can be a good place to wash up and get yourself groomed ahead of the rest of your day. Vanities connect to the main water source and a draining system, so it’s crucial to plan accordingly when choosing the type of vanity you want to install.

Floating Vs. Freestanding Vanity

A freestanding vanity is more traditional in design and rests directly on the floor or has legs to prop it up. A floating one hangs on the wall and appears as if it is floating above the ground. This concept of a floating vanity is very popular for minimalistic homes, giving the bathroom a feeling of luxury and adding a touch of modernity to it.

Benefits of A Floating Vanity

Here are some advantages of adding a floating vanity to your bathroom.

  • It makes cleaning the floor easier. You can simply sweep the entire floor beneath with no dirt or grime accumulating where a freestanding vanity would normally come into contact with the floor.
  • It hides pipes, drains, and other plumbing elements, giving you a clean-looking, modern bathroom that feels luxurious and stylish.
  • They make the bathroom look larger and more open because of the free space beneath them.

Types of Floating Stone Vanities

Stone vanities are elegant and minimalistic, creating a spa-like atmosphere in your home. The finish of natural stone is beautiful and fits a contemporary style, as well as more traditional designs. Stone is also gorgeous and easy to maintain, adding an element of luxury to even the most modest of bathrooms.

The stone finishes you could choose to include granite, marble, and quartz. Keep in mind that natural stone is heavy, and you need an experienced contractor to install a floating vanity on your wall. In most cases, counterweight blocks must go into a wall opening to support the weight of the vanity. Without this extra support, your vanity could pull away from the wall and fall, shattering the stone top and causing extensive damage to your bathroom walls and other fixtures.

Boutique Home Features and More

If you want a floating vanity for your bathroom, let our team of expert boutique builders here at Australian Heritage Homes help you. We have decades of experience in building custom homes and can help you bring your dream home to life. Contact us today for a free consultation to find out more about the services we offer.

* Image Source: Stonesize